Christmas Island, summarized:

Exotic Location.

World-Class Fishing.

Fly Fishing Paradise in the Central Pacific.


Experience the oldest and most premiere saltwater fishing destination in the south pacific! Christmas Island combines epic, diverse saltwater flat fishing with newly-renovated facilities and a comfortable atmosphere year-round!

Christmas Island, which is “Kiritimati” in the Gilbertese language, is one of 33 islands that make up the small republic of Kiribati. This island provides vibrant culture, but is still largely undeveloped.

2023 Season: $3,200 / person

  • 6 Days of Guided Fishing
  • 7 Nights of Comfortable Lodging
  • All Meals
  • All Beverages (Beer, Wine, Soda)
  • Fishing License
  • Departure Tax
  • Laundry Service
  • Shuttle Service To/From Airport
  • Transportation on Kiribati

This lodge is newly-renovated and offers the most comfortable stay on the island. This lodge hosts a maximum of eight anglers, which provides a relaxed small-group atmosphere.

Stay in one of four coral stone, traditional bungalows. Each bungalow features two private rooms, each with their own en suite bathroom, refrigerator, and air conditioning.

Enjoy cocktails and appetizers under the traditional open-air maneaba (local gathering place), complete with stunning views of the ocean.

Christmas Island has unparalleled flats fishing.

Many anglers come to this destination for the legendary bonefishing and healthy numbers of giant trevally, blue trevally, triggerfish, milkfish and other inshore species.

Much of the fishing here is walk and wade, although there is some opportunity to fish from boats.

Because Christmas Island is right near the equator, there isn’t much variation seasonally.

You can look forward to consistent fishing and weather year-round here!

There is only one weekly flight to and from Christmas Island from Honolulu. It’s important to note that this flight also crosses the International Date Line.

Fly to Honolulu on a Monday, where you should plan on spending the evening. The Fiji Airways flight to Christmas Island leaves Tuesday mornings around 11:00am, and is approximately a three-hour flight. When you arrive on Christmas Island, it will be Wednesday there on the island.

A lodge representative will meet you at the airport and will shuttle you to the lodge, which is a quick ten-minute drive.

On your way home from the island, you’ll be shuttled back to the airport where you’ll hop on the flight back to Honolulu.

General Gear

• (3) pairs quick dry fishing pants or shorts
• (3) guide quick dry UV fishing shirts
• Headlamp
• Insect Repellent
• Water Bottle
• Sun hat
• Sandals or Flip Flops
• Camera, batteries, charge cords (outlets are standard 110V)
• Passport and printed copy
• Toiletries/Personal Items
• Tape for stripping fingers
• AUD $ are recommended for tips, general expenses – $700 AUD
• Imodium AD (just in case!)
• Lens Chamois Cloth
• Laundry Bag for Dirty Clothes
• Garbage Bag for wet boots

Fly Fishing Gear

• 8 weight saltwater fly rods and reel w/ Tropical Floating Fly Line (Bonefish, Small Trevally, Triggerfish)
• 10 weight saltwater fly rod and reel w/ Tropical Floating Fly Line (Blue Fin Trevally, Small GT’s
• 12 weight saltwater fly rod and reel w/ Tropical Floating Fly Line (GT’s and Off Shore Species)
• Flats Sneakers or Boots (NO cheap dive boots or zip-ups)
• Saltwater Pliers or a tool capable of cutting up to 100 lb. leader, pinching barbs, and unhooking fish
• Nippers
• Bonefish Flies
• Baitfish Flies for GT, Blue Fin, and other Predatory Species
• (2) pairs polarized sunglasses (Copper lens preferred w/ tethers – Amber color for cloudy days)
• (4) Tapered Bonefish Leaders 16-20# Test
• 16, 20, 40, 60, and 100 lb. RIO Fluorocarbon Saltwater Tippet
• 12, 16, 20 # Saltwater Fluorocarbon Tippet
• Waterproof Roll Top Bag (for leaving on the boat while wading)
• Waterproof Hip Pack, Sling Pack, or Backpack (designed for saltwater so that it can be rinsed clean)
• Good sunscreen/SPF Lipbalm
• (2) Buffs (UV protection for your face and neck)
• Packable Lightweight Rain Jacket
• Sun Gloves


• Pink Christmas Island Specials – Heavy Eyes – (mix of #6 and #8 sizes)
• Orange Christmas Island Specials – Heavy Eyes – (mix of #6 and #8 sizes)
• Bonefish Worms
• Chain Eye Gotcha’s (mix of #4 and #6)
• Enrico Puglisi #8 Tan Crab
• Craven’s Bonefish Junk (#4/#6)
• Bonefish Bug #4 and #6
• Rainy’s Ceviche #4 and #6
• Ragin’ Craven
• EP Rooster Mullet
• EP Peanut Butter (various colors)
• Rainy’s Trevally Popper
• Enrico Puglisi Peanut Butter 3/0 (various colors especially black and purple)
• Enrico Puglisi Pike/Off Shore 4/0 (black/orange especially)
• Enrico Puglisi Perfect Minnow


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