Join your host, Brian Oakland, for an unforgettable adventure in Ascension Bay, where you’ll enhance your casting skills in a stunning saltwater environment.

This trip is specifically designed to improve your technique, with a special focus on casting in windy conditions. Enjoy the pristine beauty of Ascension Bay while honing your skills and making lasting memories on this unique and exciting journey.


Nestled within the vibrant fishing village of Punta Allen and overlooking the serene Ascension Bay in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, the Punta Allen Fishing Club offers eco-friendly lodging just steps away from a pristine beach.

Managed by a diverse team passionate about fly-fishing, the lodge provides a warm hospitality that reflects the cultural influences of its staff. Surrounded by the rich biodiversity of Ascension Bay, a Mexican National Park since 1986 and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, guests can experience encounters with manatees, dolphins, crocodiles, numerous bird species, sea turtles, and even the elusive jaguar, amidst a sprawling aquatic landscape that includes inshore reefs, lagoons, mangrove islands, and sand flats—an ideal retreat for both nature enthusiasts and anglers alike.

Beyond its ecological wonders, Punta Allen Fishing Club offers not just a place to stay, but an immersive experience in the heart of a vibrant fishing community, where guests can engage with local culture, traditions, and cuisine, enriching their stay with authentic interactions and memorable experiences that go beyond the typical tourist experience.

Constructed in 2009 using indigenous hardwoods, traditional Mexican stucco-style brick, and tiles, the Punta Allen Fishing Club Lodge stands as a testament to local craftsmanship and architectural heritage. Offering six contemporary rooms adorned with Mexican artistic flair and a touch of elegance, guests ascend to the upper level to discover our dining room, bar, and lounge—all sheltered beneath the expansive canopy of a traditional Mayan Palapa, the largest of its kind in the village.

This communal space provides more than just a place to dine and relax; it also features dedicated fly-tying areas, bins stocked with hand-tied flies, and a small gym, adding a unique dimension to guests’ experience. Experience authentic Mexican hospitality through the heartfelt motto, “Mi casa es tu casa” – My home is your home.

At Punta Allen Fishing Club, guests can share their most cherished fishing moments while enjoying fresh cocktails and delicious homemade meals. For those seeking pure relaxation, this lodge boasts comfortable sofas, traditional Mexican hammocks, and a newly installed jacuzzi with fresh water.

Accommodations are designed to cater to every comfort, featuring six rooms equipped with either two single beds or lavish king or queen-sized beds, each with a ceiling fan, air conditioning, storage for clothing and gear, and a private bathroom adorned with Italian-style showers, ensuring 24-hour comfort and convenience.

With a capacity to accommodate up to 12 guests in configurations of four double rooms and two single rooms, our captain suite, with three beds, offers an ideal space for families to create unforgettable memories amidst the natural beauty of Punta Allen and Ascension Bay.

Under the guidance of Pascale Leblanc and Tiziano Rizzotto, who bring extensive experience and knowledge of the fly fishing and hospitality industry worldwide, along with Juan Briceño, the distinguished captain of guides, guests are assured the highest standards of client care. Juan meticulously selects guides based on their reputation, fishing prowess, and professionalism, ensuring an unforgettable fishing experience.


Embark on your fishing adventure aboard specially designed 23-25 ft. pangas, expertly tailored for flats fishing in the shallow waters of Ascension Bay. These pangas feature a wide casting area on the bow and a poling platform at the back, ensuring optimal sight fishing opportunities. Powered by efficient 40-60 hp engines, each boat combines speed with reliability. Comfort is paramount, with each panga equipped with cushioned seating, rod holders, coolers, radio communication, first aid kits, life vests, and tagging tackles for those pursuing grand slam fishing programs.

Tackle and Equipment

While we encourage guests to bring their own tackle and flies for a personalized experience, this lodge also provides flies available for purchase. For optimal performance, we recommend using 9ft rods paired with saltwater reels tailored to your target species. Consider line classes: 6/7 for bonefish, 8/9 for permit, snook, and baby tarpon, 9/10 for barracuda, jack, tarpon, or sizable permit, and 11/12 for migratory tarpon during the season (late April to end August). These heavier lines are also suitable for open-sea pursuits such as wahoo, dolphin fish, grouper, and king mackerel. While floating lines are typically used for flats fishing, opportunities for sinking/intermediate lines exist in deeper channels, offering versatility for varied fishing experiences.

Regional Airport and Ground Transfer

Your journey to Punta Allen Fishing Club (2) typically begins at the Cancun International Airport (1), approximately four hours away by car. Alternatively, guests can opt for the newer airport located south of Tulum, which significantly reduces travel time to the lodge. Regardless of your choice, this program offers personalized transport arrangements from the airport to ensure a seamless transition to your fishing retreat.

All transfers are conducted in private vehicles equipped with air conditioning and operated by professional travel transfer companies. For groups of up to 8 people, a van or minibus is typically employed, while larger groups benefit from the use of two vans. The drivers, renowned for their professionalism and reliability, have consistently provided exceptional service over the years.

Boat Transfer from Tulum

For guests seeking an alternative to the road journey to Punta Allen, roundtrip boat transfers to and from Tulum are now availble. Upon arrival at the entrance to the Sian Ka’an Biosphere, your ground transport will seamlessly connect with guides, facilitating a smooth transition to the boat. Enjoy a leisurely cruise through the scenic mangroves en route to the lodge, although please note that boat transfer availability is contingent upon water/tide levels and prevailing weather conditions. This option incurs an additional cost per person.

For the convenience of US-based customers, we recommend scheduling flights to arrive no later than 3pm and depart no earlier than 2pm, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free travel experience to and from the lodge within the same day of your flights.


(1) Cancun International Airport (CUN)

(2) Tulum Airport

(3) Punta Allen Fishing Club

You will receive a detailed gear list upon booking, but generally:

Bonefish Flies:

  • Crazy Charlie – sizes 4-6 in pink, white, cream or olive. (Beadchain/Small Dumbbell Eyes)
  • Rag Head Crab – sizes 4-6 in white, beige or tan. (Small Dumbbell Eyes)
  • Bonefish Bitter – size 6 in amber & olive.  (Beadchain/Small Dumbbell Eyes)
  • Ververka Mantis Shrimp – sizes 4-6 in tan
  • Gotcha and Gotcha w/legs  – size 4-6 in pearl or sand (Beadchain/Small Dumbbell Eyes)

Recommended Permit Flies:

  • EP Crab -sizes 2-4 in pale yellow, white, sand and tan (Large/Med Yellow Dumbbell Eyes) 
  • Rag Head Crab – sizes 2-4 in tan or sand (Large/Med Yellow Dumbbell Eyes)
  • Spawning Mantis Shrimp – sizes 1-2 in tan or sand  (Large/Med Yellow Dumbbell Eyes)
  • Floating Crab – sizes 2-4 in tan/sand

Recommended Tarpon and Snook Flies:

  • Black Death – sizes 2 to 2/0 in red/black, purple/black, white/red, chartreuse/white
  • EP Baitfish – sizes 2 to 2/0 in red/black, purple/black, white/red, chartreuse/white
  • Lefty’s Deceiver – sizes 2 to 2/0 in chartreuse/white, red/white. 
  • Clouser Minnow – sizes 2 to 4/0 in white/chartreuse, yellow/chartreuse, white/red
  • Hamilton Bush Pig – sizes 2 to 3/0 in white/orange, chartreuse/orange, red/white, and mullet color scheme.

It is ideal to have tarpon flies that have Large Dumbbell eyes or other weight for fishing deeper water.

Additional Gear:
  • Hat
  • Rain Jacket
  • Polarized Sunglasses & Lens Wipes
  • Sun Gloves
  • Buff (or other face covering)
  • Sunscreen (SPF 50+)
  • Long-Sleeved Sun Shirts
  • Long Lightweight Pants
  • Flats Booties or Other Wading Shoes
  • Line Clipper
  • Saltwater Pliers
  • Dry Bag
  • Personal Medicines (if needed)
  • Stripping Guards or Athletic Tape
  • Insulated Water Bottle (helps with plastic consumption)
  • Spare Fly Line (just in case)


  • 7 Nights Lodging
  • 6 Days Guided Fishing
  • Casting Lessons
  • Round trip ground transfer from airport to PAFC
  • Air-conditioned accommodations
  • All meals and alcoholic beverages (beer and classic cocktails)
  • 8hrs guided fishing daily
  • Fishing licenses
  • Sian Ka’an entry fees and tourism tax
  • 24hr electricity and internet (wifi)


  • Airfare
  • Gratuity for guides and lodge staff
  • Premium alcohol and extra alcoholic beverages (BYOB welcome)
  • Fishing tackle and other personal expenses during travel
  • Laundry services
  • Other tourism day trips (eco tour, Mayan ruin tour, etc.)
  • Optional round trip boat transfer from Tulum (inquire for pricing

7 Nights and 6 Days of Fishing: $3,500 per angler


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