Premier Fishing Trips in Alaska

We work with some great fishing guides and lodges in Alaska.

Top 5 Reasons To Adventure To: 

  1. The FISHING of course! Most famously known for the Salmon Run that happens June- September (depending on what part of the river you are on). During this time millions of fish migrate one of the longest traceable distances from Alaska to the Western part of Canada. If you’ve never seen or been a part of the Salmon run, it’s an experience you’ll never forget!
  2. The Wildlife. Home to bears, moose, and other exotic wildlife, Alaska is the upfront and personal viewing place for these animals. Walk outside your back door and you are bound to run into one of these magnificent creatures.
  3. The Mountains. Some of the world’s highest peaks are found in Alaska. Mount McKinley, the tallest peak in North America, stands tall at over 20,000 feet.
  4. Tax Free Shopping! If this isn’t reason enough to visit this beautiful state, we don’t know what is! We’ll just leave this shameless plug here.
  5. Glaciers. Glacier Bay National Park is one of the definite must sees while in the beautiful state of Alaska. Hike or float to see these sometimes 4 mile wide pieces of frozen land.