Premier Fishing Trips in Belize

We work with some great fishing guides and lodges in Belize.

Top 5 Reasons To Adventure To: 

1. Why Fish here? Well for one, it’s hard to find a spot anywhere in the world with larger numbers of willing bonefish, permit and tarpon. The shear numbers, action, and slams, makes Belize tough to beat.
2. Pristine and well managed!  There are over 400 square miles of flats and Belize is serious about protecting them! 60% of the land and water in Belize is under federal protection.
3. English speaking. The only country in Central America where English is the primary language.
4. Easy Travel! Belize is just two or three hours from most southeastern U.S. cities. With some planning flights can be very reasonable into Belize City.
5. Fishing Lodges. Many resorts and lodges cater to anglers, but also provide a wide range of amenities and activities for then-fisherman! Great for Couples!

Want more information on upcoming trips?

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