Premier Fishing Trips in New Zealand

We work with some great fishing guides and lodges in New Zealand.

Top 5 Reasons to Travel to New Zealand:

  1. First and Foremost, the Fish! Talk to any die hard trout fan and they will more than likely tell you New Zealand is on their bucket list. Chase monster Rainbow and Brown trout, in scenic amazing landscapes. Imagine yourself throwing a dry fly to a 10 lb Brown trout, while walking the banks of a 3 foot wide spring creek. Big fish are found everywhere, even in the tiniest bodies of water! 
  2. The Wine! Once you get off the river, you can enjoy a glass of New Zealand’s world famous wines……if you’re into that type of thing!  New Zealand wine is world-famous for its quality blends. When your arm gets tired of reeling in big brown after big brown, you can take a day off and make a day of visiting wineries while tasting their offerings at a number of places, particularly in Hawkes Bay and Marlborough, the two leading wine regions.
  3. It’s Safe! You’re very unlikely to experience crime in New Zealand. Safety isn’t an issue, even for women traveling on their own. And if you venture off the beaten track into the wilderness, here’s more good news: New Zealand isn’t home to any nasty plants, critters or creatures, unlike its close neighbour Australia!  In fact, it’s one of only two countries in the world that doesn’t have snakes, the other being Ireland. So head on over to New Zealand. You’ll have an amazing time!
  4. The Capital City!  Wellington has character. Everyone talks about Auckland (which, contrary to popular belief, is not the capital), but the real magic takes place in Wellington (which is the capital). The architecture and eclectic vibe give this city a funky personality. The city has a popping nightlife, tons of art galleries and cafés,  a beautiful harbor (that is best seen from Mount Victoria, which overlooks the entire city), and is easily walkable. Be sure to hit some of the museums like the Museum of Wellington, Te Papa, and the Great War Exhibition.
  5. Your Money Goes A LONG Way: Is there anything better than looking at your bill and cutting it by 25% or more ? Over the last 5 years the exchange rate has been anywhere from 1USD = 1.14 NZD at its lowest and 1USD = 1.60 NZD at its highest. The exchange rate typically hovers around 1USD = 1.40 NZD. Get more bang for your buck while chasing the trout of a lifetime!

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