Travel Truly – New Zealand Fly Fishing Trips

Our trip is designed for those anglers wanting to see Backcountry Fly Fishing New Zealand at its VERY BEST.

New Zealand fly fishing trips are among the most spectacular and challenging in the world.

  • Customized authentic Kiwi fly fishing experience.
  • Choose from multi-day backcountry excursions or day fish.
  • You’ll be sight fishing. This is trout hunting for brown trout up to 10 lbs and rainbows up to 7.
  • In addition to the fishing, there are many other activity options in the area such as wine tours, bungee jumping, jet boating, skydiving, scenic flights and much more. More details can be provided on request and can be fit into your itinerary.

The Fishing and the Guides

There is a common misconception that customization depends on your budget…. but we think it’s more about being open to new experiences.

This outfitter helps you create an authentic, custom fishing itinerary that matches your budget. There is so much to see, do and experience in New Zealand, and your time is short, so too often your vacation turns into rushed tours of the top 10 sights. This trip isn’t like that at all. It’s about experiencing a true, unique connection with the land, people and culture while fly fishing along the way.

This is a great time to be a fly fisherman, and fly fishing doesn’t get purer than this. Although, we don’t recommend New Zealand fly fishing trips for novice fishermen. These fish are big, old and spooky, and on top of that, there aren’t a ton of them. If you are a good caster, and you’re ready to sight fish to big, hard to catch trout, this is the trip for you.

Backcountry New Zealand fly fishing trips are incredible. Explore the pristine beech forest, rivers, and towering peaks of New Zealand while you sight cast to big trout.. It’s more like “Trout Hunting” than fishing.

I would love to help you go on this fishing trip.

We will help you choose the most desirable fishing trip or outdoor adventure based on your feedback and experience. There are never any hidden fees or additional costs. I guarantee it!
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