I have been a guide here in Idaho for 21 years, 16 of those years as an outfitter here in McCall.  Fly fishing is an amazing vehicle that has the ability to take you to places not normally visited. Whether you’re hiking into high mountain lakes here in Idaho, wading around the flats of the Seychelles Islands or enjoying a boat ride around Key West, fishing is what brought you there.

I have been fortunate enough to have hosted trips around the world showing people some of the most amazing places on earth. I was also fortunate enough to Guide down in Key West for seven years. Through all my years of adventure fishing and travel the single most important thing I’ve learned is having the right gear makes all the difference!

Whether it’s swinging flies for steelhead, teaching the art of Spey casting,
floating beautiful rivers and exploring the endless supply of high mountain
lakes, after 15 years of guiding I still wake up every morning
excited to get people out and show them things they have never seen.

I’m excited to be part of the Got Fishing Team and I look forward helping make sure you have the proper gear for your adventure!


Robert Monroe

Professional Fishing Gear Consultant