Jurassic Lake produces some of the largest Rainbow Trout in the world.


The rumors you’ve heard about trophy Rainbow Trout fishing at Strobel Lake (AKA: Jurassic Lake) are true!

This area boasts some of the world’s largest Rainbow trout. This is the obvious trip choice for serious anglers that are looking for the fishing trip of a lifetime. Made by fly fisherman, for fly fisherman, this is the most complete and flexible fly fishing program in all of Jurassic Lake. From first-class lodging to the exclusive access you’ll have to miles of Strobel Lake, the Barrancoso River, Moro Creek, and over 12 smaller lakes and lagoons, everything this family-owned lodge and team of guides have been carving onto their land over the 15 years they’ve been in business, was made for sharing the love they have for this private land and to provide you with a memorable experience. Double-digit Rainbows are caught on the regular, with good chances of you catching a 20+ pounder over this 6.5-day-long adventure!

At Got Fishing, we pride ourselves on our boutique offering of high-quality experiences and hold our outfitters to the highest standards; With that being said, Jurassic Lake has the best lodge with the best guides and the best service. The outfitter has a very active role at the lodge, by choice: They pride themselves on being there, being personable, establishing relationships, and truly want you to have the best experience you possibly can. They understand every angler is unique and the top-notch guides will try to help you with techniques, casting improvement, fighting through the difficulties of the (at times) relentless Patagonian wind, helping you understand what to look for, learning fish & biology, and anything else that might help you to improve your fly fishing craft.

Where nearby lodges line up anglers in an “assembly line” fashion, this experience will provide you instead with solitude, remoteness, variety in location, and fishing every day, with a way to experience the real Patagonia, with the outfitter’s goals of opening more fishing up in new locations as the years go on.

Jurassic Lake is also a notable place for premier destination bird watching. Located in the province of Santa Cruz, the unique diversity of landscape boasts a variety of bird species. Enjoy the comfort of world-class lodging as you bring your sense of adventure to witness a wide range of species such as Black-chested Buzzard Eagle, Andean Condor, Aplomado Falcon, Baird’s Sandpiper, Chilean Flamingo, Coscoroba Swan, Upland Goose, among many others. One exceptional bird you may want to witness on your adventure is the world-renowned Hooded Grebe (Podiceps Gallardoi), an endangered species that the lodge has partnered with nearby nonprofits to help protect and reproduce. In spring (November) these birds are nesting and this is a popular time to witness this incredible species that only have about 1,000 left in existence.

Other non-angling activities, besides bird watching, include sightseeing tours on your way to Jurassic Lake, ATV rides, visiting archeological sites and witnessing ancient paintings and drawings dating back over 5,000 years, “hunting blind” and finding arrowheads from nomads of various tribes that met at the Stroebal Plateau, bike riding, enjoying fantastic cuisine prepared by the in house chef, and drinking personally selected Argentinian wines.

If you’re an experienced angler, don’t mind some wind, and are looking for a premier destination fly fishing experience, this is your trip! Getting to Argentina can be half the battle for some. When you book with Got Fishing, this is also a great opportunity to take an extra week and add on additional experiences in Argentina that this outfitter also owns and operates, like the Golden Dorado River Cruiser trip, Red Stag Hunt, or the Cast N Blast adventure.

Lying on about 40 miles of internal roads and strategically located just by the beautiful Laguna Verde (Green Lake) lies the lodge, where you’re just a cast away from fantastic trout fishing. Built like a typical Estancia house, the main building accommodates up to 10 anglers per week, 7 double occupancy bedrooms, 2 single occupancy bedrooms, comfortable en suite bathrooms, hot water available 24/7, and more. Enjoy the open common rooms, such as the spacious living room that overlooks Laguna Verde, sip on cocktails at your favorite spot in the lodge, and enjoy the 42” LCD TV showing slide shows of the catch of the day, along with satellite TV and a DVD player.

Other features of the lodge include free unlimited wifi, a computer available (if you don’t bring your laptop), satellite and IP telephones, laundry service twice a week, a library, a fly-tying room, a newly built changing room and drying facility to use before and after fishing so you’re ready and dry for the next day, and more. Experience complete relaxation at the lodge, before and after your hard days of fishing. The professional and friendly staff are always there to be attentive to your needs, providing you with a hassle-free environment and an unforgettable experience. 

The lodge has an exclusive chef that will prepare the finest meals for you with local flavors. Their cuisine sets itself apart by utilizing the richness of the gastronomic cultural diversity of the immigrants and local history, delighting visitors week after week with typical, tasty, Argentinean delicacies.

Cuisine At Estancia Laguna Verde

Each morning, you’ll wake up to enjoy an energizing breakfast of coffee, tea, fruit juice, dairy products, ham, eggs, toast, freshly baked bread, butter, Patagonia marmalades, honey, cereals, and more.

At noon, anglers will enjoy delicious and varied meals, according to the fishing programs of the day. You may have grilled meat or trout with salads, picnics with bread, cold cuts, cheese, fruits, and other tasty options. This is also a good time to relax for a few minutes on sun lounges that are distributed across various fishing spots and, depending on the fishing program of the day, there are also 3-sided huts right on the lake where you will rest while the guides cook for you. Other options for lunchtime include a jeep ride to have an hour-long lunch break, relax, enjoy a big spread and some wine, fish for another 3-4 hours, then go back to the lodge.

Once you arrive back to the lodge, and after a hot refreshing shower, the chefs will prepare you with a world-class, 3-course menu, that is sure to delight your taste buds! In a friendly atmosphere, you can try different types of local appetizers such as goat or sheep cheese, dried hams, dried pork sausages, and more. The main course will feature things like the lodge’s famous “asados” (BBQs), their traditional Patagonic lamb, classic homemade pasta, and more. For dessert, aside from the wide variety of fresh fruits, there are also different delicacies specially prepared by the chef and the wine pairing will vary each evening, according to the planned menu. Wines selection includes traditional Malbecs, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tannat, along others. Alternative beverages available include regional homebrewed beers, spirit drinks, whiskies, cognacs, and alcohol-free beverages as well.

Experienced anglers from all over the world visit Jurassic Lake year after year to target the wild chrome silver, torpedo-shaped, drag-smoking Rainbow Trout. Rainbow Trout are the only fish in this lake and because the lake and river are separated, the trout have no immediate threats (besides you) and have exclusive access to all the food in the lake, making them trophy status huge! Their main food sources include the crustacean family, Dafnia (a microorganism), snakes, and various insects (flies, beetles, etc.).

With over 10 miles of Jurassic Lake shoreline access and 40 miles of private access total, you’re guaranteed incredible fishing with just you, your guide, and miles and miles of water. You’ll feel it down to your bones that you’re alone to enjoy the solitude, remoteness, and peacefulness of this incredible place that’s strategically located with no possibility of poachers or anyone else besides the lodge guests. 

The lodge has perfected its fishing methods and learned what draws the attention of these out-of-this-world Rainbows. Hone your skills or learn to sight fish in crystal clear waters, using floating lines, slow stripping small to medium-sized streamers and nymphs, skating big foam flies and mouse patterns, or hanging scuds and small nymphs from big dry flies (the famous “hopper dropper”); The Rainbows are the main attraction at this fly fishing lodge, but there’s also plenty of other bodies of water to fish during your stay. Fish for Brook and Brown Trout in over 6 miles of the best river sections on the Barrancoso River, as well as the newly discovered Moro Creek, and 12 other lagoons. 

Strobel Lake AKA: Jurassic Lake

Slowly over the years, the lodge has gained private access to more than 10 miles of Lake Strobel. Several areas are protected from the famous Patagonian wind, but you should still be prepared to fight the wind (and dress appropriately). Fish in bays such as Monsters Bay, Camelot Bay, Finger Bay, Tasmania Bay, Sea Bay, Puesto Bay, and Dry Fly Bay, where you can have outstanding sight fishing opportunities, regardless of conditions. Jurassic Lake lies in the sanctuary of Patagonia, one of the few unspoiled places on Earth. Jurassic Lake is a peaceful place to make contact with nature and like the landscape, the fishing is off the charts and will blow your mind! All the fish are big here, this is THE place; Nowhere in the world compares, not even Kamchatka!

Barrancoso River

The Barrancoso River is the only tributary of Strobel Lake and as a guest, you’ll be able to fish most parts of it. The beautiful, dreamlike, freestone river, with see-through waters, is one of Estancia’s highlight programs. Running over 6 miles long, you’ll fish to the very last 300 ft. that enter into the mouth of Strobel Lake that are inaccessible due to Argentinean fishing regulations. This river boasts outstanding and demanding runs of huge trout and is separated into 3 parts: the upper, middle, and lower sections. Fishing here is done mostly with floating lines, numbers 6, 7, & 8 weight rods, utilizing streamers, nymphs, big dry flies, and mouse patterns (known as mousing).

Moro Creek 

This area was recently discovered in 2021 and is a “creek-like” stream that chains each of the 12 lakes inside the Estancia (the estate or ranch). This is a favorite early-season creek that has won the hearts of many guests. The creek flows mainly during spring and early summer (see the seasons below for Argentina’s spring and summer dates) and the lodge fishes 4 sections of the creek as well as inlets and outlets and the chained lakes, like the Los Flacos, Campamento, Los Chanchos, and La Reja Lake. 

Smaller Lakes & Lagoons

With over 12 fantastic waters, the outfitters at Jurassic Lake will bring you to popular areas such as Verde Lake to hunt big Rainbows, Browns, and Brook Trout, Texas Lake to wade or boat to Rainbows and Browns, or various other bodies of water that all offer fantastic fishing opportunities. These are great locations to try varied combinations in different programs all season long. 

The Seasons

The fishing season starts in early October and ends in late April. Although there’s always a prime fishing timeframe, fishing is good all season, even in the early and later parts of the season, when fish are spawning. 

Early Season – October, November, December

In Argentina, spring runs from September to December. The early season offers lots of river fishing with lots of fish. You can look forward to using mostly mouse patterns and streamers during this time of year, as well as dries, nymphs, and neck patterns. You can expect to catch a high number of fish, although they might be smaller than the normal monsters you’d catch out of Jurassic Lake. 

Mid Season – January, February, and the 2 First Weeks of March 

Around this time, the river starts dropping, and fishing Jurassic Lake becomes the main area of focus. There’s plenty of fish during the mid-season and you’ll enjoy longer days with more fishing opportunities on the rivers as well. More food is available to fish closer to shore and the mid and late seasons begin producing bigger fish. 

Later Season – Last 2 Weeks of March To The End Of April 

This is the time to catch the biggest and best fish of the season! 90% of the time, you’ll float the line and use sinking tips. Although you’ll catch less than early and mid-season, and it’s colder, rainier, and windier around this time, the work you dedicate to your time on the water will pay off when you land a trophy rainbow!

Your trip will begin with an international flight Buenos Aires and then to El Calafate. It’s important to note that you may fly into the Ministro Pistarini International Airport (1), but your flight to El Calafate may depart from the Jorge Newbery Airport (2), which is in a different part of the city.

Once in El Calafate (3), you will stay the night in a hotel and get the chance to explore the beautiful city life, have a nice dinner, and witness the nearby glaciers. The following morning, you’ll be picked up by a representative of Estancia Laguna Verde Lodge, where you’ll take a 4-hour scenic drive to Jurassic Lake (4). During the half-paved half-off-road shuttle, you’ll have plenty of photo ops, will stop at a café, a gift shop, and have bathroom breaks. The shuttle ride may seem long, but the lodge gets great feedback; This drive is all a part of the adventure and a great way to see the diverse scenery and vast landscapes! You’ll be able to fish as soon as you arrive or relax if you’d like.

The program typically runs from Saturday to Sunday. After your time at the lodge is finished, you’ll have a shuttle ride back to El Calafate, in time for your flight home. The hotels in El Calafate are not included in the listed rate but will be reserved for you upon booking and included in your custom itinerary.


(1) Ministro Pistarini International Airport (Ezeiza Airport) (EZE)

(2) Jorge Newbery Airport (AEP)

(3) El Calafate Airport (FTE)

(4) Lago Strobel (Jurassic Lake)

Because of the high winds and the close proximity to Antarctica, you’ll want to bring a proper layering system. You’ll be provided a comprehensive gear list upon booking, but other things we suggest include: 

  • Passport
  • Comfortable, warm & weather-proof layers
  • Personal items & toiletries
  • 7wt or 8wt rod and reel
  • Assorted Flies


  • 6.5 days of guided fishing
  • Exclusive lake access to Jurassic Lake
  • Exclusive access to the Barrancoso River
  • Exclusive access to Moro Creek 
  • Opportunities to fish 12 other bodies of water
  • World class bird watching
  • Sightseeing shuttle ride to/from El Calafate
  • ATV rides
  • Jeep rides
  • Archeological tours dating back 5,000 years
  • Bike riding
  • World-class lodging 
  • Professional guides with years of experience
  • Education on sight fishing 
  • Culturally diverse extensive menu, all prepared by the in house chef 
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Wines specially selected and paired with meals
  • World-class trophy rainbow trout fishing


  • Flights to/from El Calafate
  • Hotel in El Calafate
  • Gratuity for staff/guides 
  • Equipment (bring your own gear)

All rates are dependent on double occupancy lodging. If you prefer single room lodging and guiding, please reach out to us for more information.

2024 Season: $6,500 / person

2025 Season: $7,500 / person


If you’re interested in talking to a consultant or booking this adventure, please complete this form.