Fish You Will Encounter, and The Flies That Catch Them

First, welcome to the Fish You Will Encounter series. You are in the right place for everything has to offer. Second, let’s get the message straight — We do fishing trips, so you may wield a Canadian-style mooching rod, or you may throw a delicate loop on a fly rod- simply depends on the adventure you choose. […]

Backcountry Coffee: Swedish Style!

For many of us who like to spend time in nature, chasing elusive wild fish, climbing high peaks, or charging powder lines, we often want good coffee. I have tried many ways of making coffee in the backcountry from a French Press (heavy and breakable) to a Melita style pour-over (can be time consuming if […]

King Salmon , Alaska

Martin Brown Pennsylvania King Salmon, Alaska with King Salmon Lodge – August 2018 Three friends and I went to King Salmon Lodge for silver salmon. Fished first two days on Naknek River by lodge and got our limit of salmon, Did a fly-out trip to another river and caught lots of salmon–fishing was excellent. Another […]

Ocean & River Salmon Fishing Tips & Tricks Part 1

Trolling for Salmon Series of Blogs There has always been and seems to be a growing demographic in the fishing world. New anglers or seasoned anglers whom are searching for more hookups with a hard fighting salmon. Maybe we are fishing a new body of water or the same in cut on the bottom at […]

Quality – Affordable Fly Fishing Gear

Great Gear for the Beginner to the Advanced Angler What fly fishing gear do I need to get started? Rod and reel combo Fly line and backing Leader and tippet Flies as well as a fly box What to wear when fly fishing: It all comes down to a science; whatever will keep you in […]

What Can Rent This Rod Do For You?

Premium Fly Rod and Reel Rental Nationwide What can Rent This Rod do for you? December 6, 2018 Thomas and Thomas Exocett and Nautilus CCF-X2 reel, shipped to a customer earlier this year prior to his trip to Mexico to chase Tarpon. Have you ever wanted to rent a Ferrari for a day?  Sure you […]

Top 5 reasons to Fish the Western US

Blue Ribbon Fishing Top 5 reasons to adventure to the Western US     Blue ribbon fisheries are everywhere! Whether you are planning to visit CO, ID, MT, or WY you do not have to look far for a blue ribbon trout water. Whether it’s the San Juan or South Platte in CO or the […]

Are Seals and Sea Lions hindering the recovery of Salmon?

How much Salmon do Seals and Sea Lions really eat? For as long as I can remember, the focus on our dwindling stocks of Pacific Salmon, particularly Chinook and Coho has been around the usual culprits. Logging, urbanization of streams, pollution of the various waterways, both fresh(spawning streams and rivers) and salt, over fishing, lack […]

Winter Fishing In Idaho

5 Tips To Catching Winter Fish Winter Fishing in Idaho Imagine little to no pressure on a stretch river that is known to hold great fishing. Now Imagine the options of catching Cutthroats, Bull Trout and Brook Trout in single session on those stretches all to yourself. Well with the use of Streamers, Stonefly’s, and […]

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