This Argentine Cast and Blast adventure is optimized for maximum hunting and fishing opportunities.


Hunt and fish the most exclusive areas, off-the-beaten-path of other boats and hunters, in the foremost duck hunting and Golden Dorado fishing destination on earth!

Stay aboard the Parana Gypsy, the only Mothership Program in all of Argentina. Experience luxurious, comfortable rooms, fine dining, and full service while fishing for Golden Dorado and duck hunting with exclusive access to remote areas of the 2nd most extensive river system in South America, the Parana River; Hunt and fish the best locations every day with no one else in sight! This cast and blast adventure is unique, thrilling, and specially adapted to the modern waterfowler and angler looking to maximize their days hunting and fishing. Climb aboard the mobile mothership, enjoy the scenic views, and prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime in a premiere bucket list fishing and hunting destination!

Although 4-5 days is the recommended length of time to stay aboard the mothership, this is a relaxed and flexible program that can work with anyone’s schedule, since there’s no set length of time (you choose how many days you’d like to stay). During your adventure, you’ll have exclusive access to a wide variety of lagoons, tributaries, deltas, marshlands, and more, within the extensive 3,000 miles of the Parana River system. Rotate through various hunting marshes each morning, from the comfort of an elevated blind, as you take aim at a variety of South American waterfowl, such as several types of Teal, White-cheeked and Yellow-billed Pintail, Wigeon, Whistling Ducks, Shovelers, and the most sought after duck in Argentina: the Rosy-billed Pochard. In the afternoons, take advantage of the Gypsy’s mobility, allowing you to depart from the main boat and explore with Carolina skiffs, well-equipped with 90 horsepower motors and two casting areas on opposite sides of the boat, where you’ll experience some of the finest Golden Dorado fishing in the world! After a full day of hunting and fishing, you’ll return to the Gypsy where you’ll relax, unwind, and have a gourmet dinner with paired wines/beverages fully catered to you, followed by a comfortable night’s sleep prior to waking up to do it all over again! 

If you’re not a hunter or are interested in a fishing trip (only) on this same boat, see our Golden Dorado River Cruiser experience. If you are a hunter, this is the perfect add-on to our Red Stag Hunt.

The Gypsy is a two-engine, 70’x24’ tri-level catamaran, featuring 4 double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. Each room has A/C for added comfort with telephones, flat-screen TVs, and wifi accessible aboard the ship as well (wi-fi is available most times, except when hunting in more remote locations). The mothership was originally built in the 1990s, but was fully remodeled in 2015 for this world-class hunting and fishing operation. This is one of the newest programs created in Argentina, with operations beginning shortly after Covid-19, although the guides have been avidly scouting areas and developing this immersive program years prior to Covid. You can expect comfort and class in the thoughtful accommodations provided by the world-class staff and their decades of experience in hospitality services and guiding. 

Enjoy incredible scenery, amazing bird watching, five-star quality food, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, covered spaces in the upper-level common areas to enjoy beverages, share stories, or soak in the sights with some well-deserved R&R!

All meals are prepared by the outfitter’s exclusive chef and are paired with various unique and high-class Argentinian wines, personally selected by the owners that take great pride in their all-inclusive services. Enjoy a wide array of breakfast dishes, lunches, snacks, appetizers, and gourmet dinners, including your daily harvests from duck hunting; Lunches may be served on land, at a special sand bar, in the forest, or a small island, depending on weather conditions and where the river takes you! 

From your comfortable bed and the tantalizing dishes, to the incredible scenery on this living mothership, you’ll feel well catered to and feel the thoughtful level of care that went into remodeling the Gypsy, all with your hunting and fishing needs in mind!

Argentina is a bucket list destination for waterfowl hunting and this adventure is a prime example of why! You’ll experience a wide variety of hunting scenarios, with one thing in common: large numbers of ducks. From the first week of May to the last week of August, you can hunt 8 different species of ducks, while fishing for world-class Golden Dorado. 

The Gypsy’s mobility allows the outfitters to continually identify and operate from new, unpressured areas within the upper Parana, an advantage that hunters and anglers could never experience at a stationary lodge. Each morning you’ll leave the cruiser in one of the Carolina skiffs with your guide to a nearby location, where a designated blind is already set up and waiting for you; At times, you may go deeper into more secluded areas. You can opt for one hunting session in the morning and one fishing session in the afternoon, or two hunting sessions daily. With exclusive access to the river system, paired with a large range of locations where local farmers and ranchers have granted the outfitter private access to hunting on their land, you have an extensive area to hunt up to 35 ducks in the morning and 15 in the afternoon. 

You’ll be hunting for several types of Teal, two types of Pintail (the White-cheeked and Yellow-billed Pintail), as well as Wigeon, Whistling Ducks, Shovelers, and Rosy-Billed Pochard. The Rosy-Billed Pochard is the most sought-after duck in Argentina, due to its size, beauty, and how it flies in similar ways to Mallards. There is a well-equipped arsenal of shotguns available for daily rentals and your guide will specially pick a shotgun for you each day. 

Golden Dorados are extraordinary hunters and are always in search of easy prey. They prefer moving water and you’ll often hook one near river structures, aboard a specially designed Carolina skiff, featuring two casting platforms that allow for comfortable casting in the front and rear of the boat for two anglers, at the same time.  Normally, the Golden Dorado is fished on the other program, the Golden Dorado River Cruiser, via fly fishing, but because you’ll be hunting and fishing in the colder months, bait and spin fishing proves to be more effective, during this time of year. Aside from fishing Golden Dorado, you’ll also fish for exciting species such as Pira Pita, Tararira (Wolf Fish), Surubi (Catfish), Chafalote (Parana River Vampire Fish), as well as a variety of other freshwater species.

You will fly into Ministro Pistarini International Airport (1), where you will either stay in a hotel for the night or be picked up directly from the airport via shuttle van, if your flight arrives earlier than 7 am. You’ll be driven 2.5 hours to Puerto Ruiz (2), Gualeguay, the marina. From there, a boat will pick you up and will take you on a 45 min. ride to the mothership. You’ll arrive on the cruiser at midday and begin your adventure.

When you leave the mothership, you’ll depart after breakfast and will be in Buenos Aires at noon. Although flights are not included in the rate, we will help you plan your flight itinerary, and recommend any departing flights from Buenos Aires to be booked later than 5 pm.


(1) Ministro Pistarini International Airport (Ezeiza International Airport) (EZE)

(2) Puerto Ruiz

We do not recommend attempting to travel with your own firearms for this experience. A variety of high end shotgun rentals are available for approximately $60 a day from the outfitter.

Although the trip season is between May and August, this is considered Autumn and Winter in Argentina, meaning cold and short days. You’ll be provided a comprehensive gear list upon booking, but here are some things to consider:

  • Personal Gear & toiletries
  • Warm and waterproof layers
  • Fishing Gear & Tackle
  • Passport


  • Guided hunting & fishing
  • Field Assistants
  • Comfortable Lodging
  • Chef-prepared breakfast, lunch, dinner, and appetizers
  • Open bar, with all drinks included – such as great Argentinean wine, beer, soft drinks, cocktails, and more
  • Lodging at the exclusive Parana Gypsy
  • Transfer To/From Buenos Aires Airport
  • Fishing & hunting at Parana River and its tributaries
  • Use of Carolina Skiff boats 
  • Wireless Internet access


  • Flights 
  • Satellite and ip telephone use
  • Tips for the staff and fishing guides 
  • Fishing license ($20 per week)
  • Firearm rentals and ammo

2023 – 2024 Pricing

  • $895 per night
  • $60 rental for shotgun per hunting day
  • $14 per box of 25 shells


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