The Golden Dorado River Cruiser is the one and only mother ship fishing program in all of Argentina.


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Have you ever imagined fishing a place where you feel at home, where no one else can get to? That place exists, and it moves!

Experience world-class fishing and lodging on the Golden Dorado River Cruiser, Argentina’s exclusive one and only mothership fishing program. Launched in 2015 with a vision to bring anglers an adventure completely different from anything else in the area, this unique experience features a fully upgraded liveaboard and is adapted to the modern angler looking for comfort, amazing fishing, and exclusive access off the beaten path of other boats and anglers. The River Cruiser has all the ingredients needed to make the trip of a lifetime! Chase the hard-fighting Golden Dorado and other fantastic game fish in the huge upper delta of the 2nd most extensive river system in South America (following the Amazon), the Paraná River.

With countless tributaries, side channels, and lagoons, anglers can experience a wide variety of fishing opportunities for Golden Dorado, as well as Wolf Fish, Vampire Fish, Pira Pita (also known as the “Parana Salmon”), Maku, and various species of Catfish. Mobility is key and the quality staff offers you world-class service, and the ability to chase the fish, following their migrations, getting where no one else can get to so you can experience some of the best Golden Dorado fishing in the world! Fishing can be intense, with large quantities of Dorados hunting and feeding on currents, flats, near banks, and log jams. This is a truly phenomenal fishing experience and is worthy to be a stand-alone trip in its own right, but is the perfect add-on to any of our Argentina offerings, such as Jurassic Lake, Kau Tapen, or the Red Stag Hunt.

With a flexible itinerary, you can choose to live aboard the mothership for 3 to 7 nights. In a typical day on the river cruiser, you’ll enjoy a full breakfast with coffee, fresh juices, bread, eggs, and more. After breakfast, you and the guides will explore various parts of the Parana by utilizing Carolina Skiffs that are well-equipped with 90 horsepower motors. Often, you will not see any other boats on the water for the entire day. After a full day of fishing, you’ll return to the mothership for drinks, dinner, and relaxation before waking up to do it all over again!

The two-engine mothership provides you with incredible scenery, amazing bird watching, five-star quality food, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, covered spaces in the upper-level common areas to enjoy beverages, share stories, and take breaks from fishing, and much more! With 4 double bedrooms and one single bedroom, all equipped with en-suite bathrooms, A/C in each room for added comfort, as well as telephones, flat-screen TVs, various films, and internet access, you can expect comfort and class in the thoughtful accommodations provided by the world-class staff and their decades of experience in hospitality services and guiding.

All meals are prepared by the outfitter’s exclusive chef and are paired with various unique and high-class Argentinian wines, personally selected by the owners that take great pride in their all-inclusive services. Breakfast is typically served between 6 and 7 am, lunch will be around 3 and 4 pm, followed by dinner later in the evening before sunset at 9 pm (you can also fish on the mothership during that last “witching hour” before dinner). Depending on the weather conditions and where the river takes you, you might get to enjoy some extra adventure by taking lunch or dinner on land with full comfort at a special sand bar, forest, or a secluded island!

Just a short distance from Buenos Aires, lies your access point to fishing the most exciting adventure in Argentina, the Parana River system; Spanning from the mouth of the Atlantic in Buenos Aires and joining several tributaries, deltas, marshlands, lagoons, and side channels up to the southern end of Brazil, the Parana is the 2nd largest river system in South America, after the Amazon, with a total length of 1,500 miles.

Within the river system, the mothership will always stay on the best fishing locations, so you can have a new outstanding location each day of your trip to have prime access to fishing while experiencing the Parana’s beauty to the fullest. The mothership will bring you as close as it can to the best fishing spots, and from there you’ll board one of the 5 Carolina Skiffs, equipped with quality equipment, 90cc Yamaha engines on the back, and Minkota motors on the front. All the boats were chosen with fly fisher(wo)men’s needs in mind; You’ll have access on both sides of the boat, there is no preset route, and you’ll follow the fish every day into new waters in various forms. Fish the inlets and outlets of lagoons, runs, side channels, the tributaries that bring bait fish, and all the other holes that these extraordinary and aggressive Dorados target. 

This is a great trip for having the opportunity to have your own personal guide teach you the ins and outs of Dorado fishing; Each boat accommodates 1 guide (5 boats and 5 guides total) and 2 anglers per boat/guide. The boats are brand new and specially designed for fly fishing, with two casting platforms on opposite sides that allow easy casting and fishing of two anglers at the same time (one angler in the front, the guide in the middle, and another angler in the back), with a remote operated electrical engine managed by the guide. All of the guides carefully selected by the outfitter are a part of the seasoned first-class professional crew that has undergone many years on the motherboard ship. All guides are oriented in sight fishing, are English and Spanish speakers, and are ready to share their invaluable Dorado fly fishing knowledge with you! 

This experience is a year-round running program. Please keep in mind that since Argentina is in the southern hemisphere, their primary season is opposite to ours here in the United States. The prime months for the Golden Dorado River Cruiser are between September to April. The summer months tend to be hot, especially during January and February, but it’s still a suitable time for fishing. November and December, as well as March and April tend to be warmer months as well, but delightful weather with excellent fishing conditions.

You’ll be mainly fishing for Golden Dorados, which are extraordinary hunters! They like moving water and prefer to stalk their prey close to river structures. But, you’ll also have the added bonus of fishing other exciting fish such as Wolf Fish, Vampire Fish, Pira Pita, Maku, and various species of Catfish, as well as other freshwater species.

You will fly into Ministro Pistarini International Airport (1), where you will either stay in a hotel for the night or be picked up directly from the airport via shuttle van, if your flight arrives earlier than 7 am. You’ll be driven 2.5 hours to Puerto Ruiz (2), Gualeguay, the marina. From there, a boat will pick you up and will take you on a 30 min. ride to the mothership. You’ll arrive on the cruiser at midday and begin your adventure.

When you leave the mothership, you’ll depart after breakfast and will be in Buenos Aires at noon. Although flights are not included in the rate, we will help you plan your flight itinerary, and recommend any departing flights from Buenos Aires to be booked later than 5 pm.


(1) Ministro Pistarini International Airport (Ezeiza International Airport) (EZE)

(2) Puerto Ruiz

A comprehensive gear list will be provided upon booking. The season you fish will impact the gear you’ll need to purchase.

Some things to consider include: 

  • Passport
  • Comfortable warm and weather-proof layers
  • Personal Items & Toiletries
  • Fishing Gear & Tackle
  • Tropical line, if you’re fishing October through April
  • At least two (8 or 9 weight) rods, per person (3 is preferred)
    • one with floating line and one with sinking line
  • A 5 or 6-weight rod and floating line, if you’re fishing for Pira Pita and Wolf Fish


  • Knowledgeable and friendly guides, with years of guiding and hospitality experience
  • Chef-prepared breakfast, lunch, dinner, and appetizers
  • World-class Golden Dorado fishing
  • Roundtrip Transfers to/from airport/hotel to Mother Ship location
  • Fishing at Parana River and its tributaries
  • Use of Carolina Skiff boats 
  • Lodging at the exclusive Golden Dorado River Cruiser
  • Open bar, with all drinks included – such as great Argentinean wine, beer, soft drinks, cocktails, and more
  • Wireless Internet access


  • Flights 
  • Satellite and ip telephone use
  • Tips for the staff and fishing guides 
  • Fishing license ($20 per week / You will have help acquiring this upon booking)

2024 Season

  • 3 Nights / 2.5 Days $2,700
  • 4 Nights / 3.5 Days $3,400
  • 5 Nights / 4.5 Days $4,000
  • 6 Nights / 5.5 Days $4,650
  • 7 Nights / 6.5 Days $5,200

2025 Season

  • 3 Nights / 2.5 Days $2,800
  • 4 Nights / 3.5 Days $3,500
  • 5 Nights / 4.5 Days $4,200
  • 6 Nights / 5.5 Days $4,800
  • 7 Nights / 6.5 Days $5,400


Single Guide +35% of the rate


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