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Elevate teams. Enrich lives. Level Up.

Introducing Zen @ Work and Life – a dynamic program designed to infuse mindfulness into every facet of your existence, promoting growth and enhancing your team’s potential. This extraordinary experience blends ancient wisdom with contemporary expertise, while immersed in the great outdoors through the art of fishing. With Zen @ Work and Life, you’re not just signing up for a recreational program; you’re committing to a transformative experience.

Imagine stepping into your office each day with a sense of calm and confidence, ready to conquer any challenge that comes your way. Visualize your team seamlessly combining their efforts, unlocking untapped potential, and reaching new heights of success together. This isn’t just a program; it’s a catalyst for a growth in your approach to work and life.

This program is designed to positively impact your bottom line – period.


Fishing As A Path To Mindfulness

Fishing beautifully blends with the philosophies of Zen and mindfulness practice, providing a distinctive path for people to nurture their presence and concentration in the here and now. While immersing oneself in the art of fishing, individuals naturally harmonize their senses with the environment—listening to the tranquil water’s ripple, the whispering leaves, and the rhythmic symphony of nature. These sensory experiences act as grounding elements, anchoring practitioners and leading them towards a state of inner tranquility.

“Fishing is an absorbing pastime and has a Zen quality to it,” he wrote in his autobiography. “It’s an ideal pursuit for anyone who wants to think a lot and get things in perspective.”

Eric Clapton

Choose From Programs Designed To Cater To Your Needs

  • For Individuals, Teams & Clients: Unveil Your Best
  • Mindfulness for Success: Navigate business chaos with focus.
  • Achieve Balance: Amplify productivity and happiness.
  • Zen Mind for Teams: Strengthen teamwork through deep listening.
  • Zen Mind for Self Care: Forge inner strength, beat burnout.
  • Zen Mind for Relationships: Foster genuine connections.
  • Personalized Coaching: Thrive through mindfulness.

Guided by Transformational Experts

Paul Gyodo Agostinelli


Zen Master and accomplished Executive + Life Coach. A profound wisdom teacher and life guide.

Scott Berman


Entrepreneur and devoted Zen Student, Scott’s varied expertise fuels personal and professional advancement. Drawing from diverse industries, he guides individuals towards realizing their aspirations.

Tune into Game of Zen, a podcast that delves into the convergence of professional, personal, and spiritual growth – hosted by Paul and Scott.

Together, they explore how Zen’s life teachings and mindfulness practices can significantly enhance our approaches to work, life, and leisure. The podcast features insightful dialogues, interviews with those who have forged paths in conscious entrepreneurship and holistic healing, and live interactions providing personalized wisdom and practices for individual life situations. Ultimately, Game of Zen aims to empower the ‘inner entrepreneur’ present within us all.

How It Works:

  1. Contact our team
  2. Select your destination and trip duration
  3. Work with Paul & Scott to craft a tailored agenda (with specialized training for yourself and/or your team)
  4. Prepare for an experience that will transform your personal & professional life!

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