Trip Report for El Pescador Fishing Lodge

Bonefish Tackle

Dear Kent,

Linda and I have a wonderful time at El Pescador.
The staff were awesome, and the accommodations excellent.
The fishing was great, and my son Chris and I were able to boat >20 bonefish. I have 4-5 legitimate casts to Tarpon, but no hookups. I did not cast to any permit.
My guide Tomas was great.  As expected, I could not throw a 100 foot cast in the wind (6-70 would have to do) but was able to get the fly close to the schools.  I finally learned the technique of strip set  for hooking the bonefish.  I frequently would want to raise my rod with a strike, and Tomas was able to break me of that habit from trout fishing.
The snorkeling was world class, and my wife, son Chris and daughter Laurie thoroughly enjoyed that activity. We are definitely considering returning to El Pescador. Thank you for your help in setting this up.
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