5 Reasons Why Your Next Company Retreat In British Columbia Will Give You The Best ROI

Company retreats are investments and when you spend so much money to reward employees or to bring the team together, you want to see that investment doing something positive for your business; In other words, you want to see some type of return on that investment. In the era of “The Great Resignation”, employee retention is too costly a statistic to not pay attention to. Studies show that 79% of people leave their jobs because of a lack of appreciation (Tinypulse). Being strategic in the way you provide incentives will allow you to give amazing experiences to your valued staff, provide incredible meeting spaces to get the serious things done as a group, destress employees from overworked quarters, and also mix in an unconventional way to offer bonuses that your team and their families will enjoy well after the trip ends. Hard-working people deserve hard-earned incentives. If you’re in a blue or white collar industry, or your business struggles to find downtime to take an entire week off, this post is for you.  In this post, we’ll provide 5 examples of why a company retreat in British Columbia will provide you with the best return on your investment, when it comes to hosting an offsite event.

Why Are Company Retreats Important?

Company retreats are important for many reasons! Some important reasons to host company retreats are to increase team building, retain employees, increase workplace productivity, introduce unique incentive ideas, and offer a space to focus on the bigger picture. 

Why Plan A Company Retreat in British Columbia?

British Columbia, specifically the island region of Haida Gwaii at our Sandspit Adventures excursion, is secluded, was remodeled with businesses in mind, and provides an environment of inclusiveness, with something to do for everyone. Plus, as you’ll read, it offers an added value of unique bonuses, that will benefit every employee and their families directly. 

5 Ways To See A Return On Investment When You Book An Offsite In British Columbia

1. All-Inclusive Packages 

This trip has it all! Everyone’s lodging, meals, airport shuttles, boats, booze, and more is all included. There’s meeting spaces, conference rooms, a large dining hall to gather daily, wi-fi, and more for your business to benefit. Everything is taken care of, all you need to do is plan out your goals, show up, and have fun (while getting work done). 

2. Reward them for hard work

You’ve spent the time and money to build a great team that hits their goals and shows up for you every day. Show them you value them by providing a space where they can unwind and strengthen their camaraderie with each other. Your team works hard; Provide excitement, engagement, and something that they can look forward to: fishing for monstrous Chinook and Coho salmon, halibut, and more. Provide them with memories of fighting some of the largest fish they’ll probably ever catch, all while boosting their morale and building team camaraderie. 

3. Provide a way to Destress 

Mental health is a widespread issue and topics like work/life balance, burnout, etc. in the field of organizational psychology are becoming modern-day vocabulary. Showing your valued staff you care by investing in them and this fantastic experience will allow them to feel appreciated, feel seen, and create buy-in. 

You don’t have to follow the mainstream onboarding incentive packages of providing meditation app subscriptions, personal therapists, etc., and your employees probably don’t want that, but fishing is the number 1 sport in the world and even if they’ve never fished before, just being on a remote island in Canada in the pacific northwest for a few days, fishing for fish that are sometimes as many lbs. as they weigh… that’s a way to destress. To laugh, enjoy the scenery, enjoy a boat ride in the morning in solitude as you watch the water create waves in the back from the motor, or watch the sunrise,… Sandspit can evoke peace within your team. 

Also, fishing is a known therapeutic sport and your team will appreciate and recognize this as a form of therapy, no matter if they have experience or not.

4. A Considerate Way To Offer Bonuses 

Imagine this: every single employee you bring to your offsite event will come home with over $1,500 worth of fish that they can ship back to feed their families. 50-60 lbs. of their personal catches; That is a much better bonus than more company swag or even money in some instances. That cost is a direct return on your investment of 40% of the cost of your trip that you can immediately apply towards providing value to your team. 

5. The Ultimate Onboarding And Marketing Opportunity 

Inspire excitement for new hires to come with the ultimate benefits package. Show off how valued your team feels and the lifestyle you create when someone works for your company through social content, brochures, your website, and more. Photos/videos are entirely up to you, and you can make this a HUGE opportunity to capitalize on culture, core values, and why other people should work for you. Capture candid moments,… there are endless possibilities here!

Company retreats are investments and cost a lot of money to put on. Offsite events are much more expensive than onsite, so when you host them, location and what you do matter. If your planning an offsite event, and are looking for the best location that will offer you an incredible return on investment, you can gain everything you’re looking for at Sandspit Adventures in British Columbia. All-inclusive packages, a way to reward employees for hard work (while building culture and camaraderie), providing a way to destress and show valued employees you care about their mental health, offering a considerate way to give bonuses (that directly give you a return on investment of 40% of the trip alone), and a space to capitalize on the ultimate onboarding and marketing opportunity. The ultimate return on your investment is providing incentives that reward your hard-working staff to make them feel appreciated; Because your business loses when turnover is high, providing a space where they feel heard, seen, and valued will pay for itself time and time again. 

If you value your bottom line and Sandspit Adventures interests you, contact us today to see how you can make the most of your next company retreat in British Columbia.