Angling Frontiers

Golden Dorado are the primary target species you will be going after but you will also encounter these species as well on your trip into the Jungle. Muturo (a.k.a. Jau)), Pacu or Pirapitinga, Sabalo Surubi or Striped Catfish, Tabarana- The Silver Dorado, Yatorana
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This is a South American Fishing Adventure in Bolivia.

Adventure Fishing for Golden Dorado in Bolivia is an experience only for the most die-hard fly fisherman, but for those willing, it will change you!

Here are some highlights from this fishing trip:

  • This trip is definitely not for the faint of heart, you will need an adventurous spirit for this one.
  • The water levels on this river allow for it to be fished by either wading or drifting, and there are plenty of opportunities to do some sight casting.
  • There are 2 Adventures that are offered: An 8 day with 6.5 days fishing and a 10 day with 8 days fishing.
  • Golden Dorado are the primary target species, but you will also catch muturo, pacu, sabalo, surubi, Silver Dorado, and yatorana.
  • The season runs June-October. Prime months are August- October due to water levels and clarity.
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