BC West Lodge, Dean River

All of our fishing is done using swung flies. The majority of our guests use two-handed rods, but that’s certainly not a requirement; single-handers have been extremely effective on the Dean for many years.
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The Dean River in British Columbia is known for having strong, hard fighting steelhead that crush flies!

Fish so fresh, they still have sea lice attached. You could be fishing within a mile and a half of the salt.

  • World renowned flyfishing for Steelhead
  • Fish the Lower Dean – the mouth, 1 1/2 miles up to the Canyon
  • You can also fish the Upper Dean – from the Canyon up to 5 Mile
  • Most anglers use Spey rods, but a single-handed rod will be just fine
  • Remote! Travel from Bella Coola to our lodge on the Dean using a chartered helicopter
  • Not a trip for beginners, if you’ve never fished for steelhead or salmon before, ask us to recommend a different trip
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Hey, I’m Brian Oakland

Imagine yourself sight fishing for fresh, lice covered Steelhead. To fish the Dean is a privilege, and this outfitter is among the best. I’d love to help you set up this amazing fishing trip in British Columbia.

We will help you choose the most desirable fishing trip or outdoor adventure based on your feedback and experience. There are never any hidden fees or additional costs. I guarantee it!

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It’s not for everybody, but if you’re experienced and want some time on your own from time to time, it’s probably just what the doctor ordered. There’s nothing quite like doing it on your own. Pick your water, read it right, fish it how you want to fish it, and land that fresh, beautiful steelhead.

You’ll want to fish the Dean River in the summer, it can be hit or miss otherwise.

You can go earlier, but if you really want to hit the peak for steelhead (and who doesn’t), fish in July or August. A bonus if you fish towards the end of August, is you might start picking up some Coho’s…. but you’re there for the steelhead.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Our Advice is Free

Fishing is Our Business, and We Take it Seriously
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The Guides and Equipment

The guides are top-notch, knowledgeable, and professional. When it comes down to it, they arrived at the Dean for the same reason as you…. to experience some of the best steelhead fishing in the world.

Boats and vehicles are in great shape and you won’t have any problems getting to the fishing.  Most guests bring their own gear, but there is a good supply of flies, leaders and tips, as well as loaner waders, wading boots, rods and reels at the lodge.

Food and Lodging

You’ll be staying in a comfortable cabin with a  wood stove, and there is a clubhouse for relaxing after a hard day of fighting fish. There is a drying room where you can hang your gear to dry out, and the hot shower is to die for.

Meals…. well, they’re amazing.


You will either fly or drive to Vancouver, British Columbia where you will jump on a Pacific Coastal Airlines flight to Bella Coola, BC.  Once you hit the ground there, travel to the lodge on the Dean using a chartered helicopter.  The helicopter flight is included in the price of your trip.

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