How a Company Fishing Trip Can Boost Accountability in the Workplace

As humans, we naturally value a soft skill such as accountability; Being able to take responsibility for the tasks you’re assigned, or for what you say you’ll do, is considered accountability. Creating a culture of accountability in the workplace is essential for the success of any business. 84% of employees state that leaders’ behavior is the single most important factor that influences accountability in their organization. Accountability promotes productivity, fosters trust among team members and clients, and helps to achieve the company’s goals. Without it, there’s chaos, unhappiness, bitterness, and frustration from all directions. While there are many strategies for building accountability in the workplace, one unique and effective approach is a company fishing trip. In this blog post, we’ll explore how taking your team on a company fishing trip can boost accountability in the workplace.


Benefits of a Company Fishing Trip for Workplace Accountability


Team Building and Collaboration

Fishing trips require team members to work together to catch fish. This experience can encourage them to communicate with each other and collaborate effectively, which can translate back to the workplace. Many fishing trips will include multi-day lodging, which is a great opportunity to bring the team together in organized meetings, providing opportunities for skill improvement, addressing accountability wins and failures, having individual meetings for employees progress and goals, and defining workplace accountability expectations; You can then set the stage for the fishing days ahead, by turning the fishing experience into an active exercise of accountability. 


Trust Building 

Spending time together outside of work can help team members get to know each other on a personal level. This can lead to the development of trust and respect among colleagues, which is essential for holding each other accountable in the workplace. Providing an experience to the entire team that naturally has an environment where others must be accountable to their actions can allow colleagues to let their guard down, realize more about each other’s learning styles, and figure out how to work with each other in ways that promote public realizations of responsibility. 

Goal Setting

Fishing trips often involve setting goals, such as catching a certain number or size of fish, learning knots or a new technique, and more. Therefore, a company fishing trip can be an excellent experience that encourages team members to set and work towards specific goals in the workplace, which can help with accountability. Goal setting is another area that you can bring off the water, as many company retreats offer meeting spaces where you can collaborate as a team and implement company goals. 

Productivity Boost

Getting away from the office and experiencing nature can be refreshing and help team members destress, improve mental health, provide individual employee goals leading up to the fishing trip, increase workplace morale, and more! This can lead to increased focus and productivity when they return to work as well, which can help with accountability.


A company fishing trip can help to foster a culture and boost accountability in the workplace. It’s an enjoyable and unique way to encourage teamwork, trust-building, goal-setting, and productivity. With the majority of employees stating that the way leaders behave sets the tone for others accountability in the workplace, businesses need to look inwards when determining how to improve their culture. Ultimately, a company fishing trip can help businesses achieve their goals and succeed in the long run. Consider organizing a company fishing trip to promote accountability and team building in your workplace. It can be a fun and effective way to build relationships and encourage productivity. 

Remember that a successful fishing trip requires careful planning, so make sure to hire a professional retreat planning company to help you ensure success. Got Fishing’s purpose is to help businesses, like yours, inspire, reward, and celebrate their employees and valued clients. Let us help you reach your company goals by inspiring the improvement of soft skills like accountability today! Take a look at our Company Retreats page to learn more.