Trip Report – Kent Goodman Middle Fork of the Salmon Float

Everything supplied, just bring your personal items

Kent Goodman
Hagerman, Idaho

Trip Taken: Middle Fork of the Salmon River
Trip Date: August, 2016

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FIVE STARS – Incredible trip

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Very likely

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This was my first time down the Middle Fork, it was amazing. Great fishing, tons of wildlife, big white water and a great crew.

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FIVE STARS – My agent was amazing

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Very Likely

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How savvy/knowledgeable was your agent?


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Everything was great.

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The Trip Report:

Everything supplied, just bring your personal items

We floated from the pine trees high in the mountains in central Idaho and each day the scenery would change as we dropped in altitude. One day we went through the “Impassable Canyon”, it was like something out of Lord of the Rings, absolutely stunning sheer rock walls and cliffs thousands of feet high and certainly impassable by all accept boats.

Amazing fly fishing

Fishing was a highlight for me, the cutthroat trout were plentiful and eager to take dry flies at all times of the day. I built a casting platform on top of a big cooler and stood up could see the fish coming for the fly before they ate it, what a thrill. Camps were on the bank of the river and super clean well maintained.

I loved the family atmosphere on this trip. We took a bunch of dads and sons on this trip and it was the best to just all be together doing adventurous things. I’d love to take the entire family again!

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