La Pescadora Fishing Report by Kent Henderson

Trip Dates:
February 1-10, 2018

How would your rate this trip?:
FIVE STARS – It was all I thought it would be and more!

How was the outfitters pre-trip communication ?:

How would you rate the overall quality of fishing?:

How would you rate the lodging?:

How would you rate the food?:

How savvy/knowledgeable was your guide?:

Did you feel the trip was successful or unsuccessful?:

Were you happy with the overall experience?:

How physically difficult was the trip?:

Is there anything that the outfitter should do differently in your opinion?:
Not really. This is the eleventh trip I’ve made to Punta Allen. All have been good, and this one was one the Best.

The beach at La Pescadora
Eleven years ago, I signed up for what I thought would be a one time trip to Punta Allen. I’ve gone back every year since,

Ascension Bay is hard to describe, you have to be there to really start to get it. The mangroves and flats in the bay are incredibly beautiful, and the fishing can be fantastic.
Lilly and Jose’ choose their guides carefully, I’ve never fished with a bad one. Danny has become a valued friend as well as a guide, the extent he has an open invitation to visit me at my home and fish Idaho waters.

La Pescadora is well designed, well run and a truly pleasant place to stay.
It is a fishing lodge, designed for serious fishermen. That said, I am in my seventies, and physically marred and scarred. The guides and the staff are cognizant of this and accommodating to my needs without being overly protective.

How likely would you be to refer Outdoors International booking services to your friends and family?:
Very Likely

How were your conversations with your agent?:

How was your agent’s pre-trip correspondence?:

How was your agent’s post-trip follow up?:

How savvy/knowledgeable was your agent?:

How would you rate your agent?:
FIVE STARS – My agent was amazing

Will you book another trip with us in the future? Why, or Why Not?:
At my age, I can’t guarantee anything, but I’ll be going back as long as I am able.