Lake Athabasca and Lakers Unlimited

The largest Lake Trout ever recorded

People love fishing in special places, but particularly when there is an opportunity to hook into a world record pike or lake trout. One of those special places would be Lake Athabasca, which is located in the northwest corner of Saskatchewan, and the northeast corner of Alberta, Canada.  Lake Athabasca is actually the 9th largest lake in North America, and covers an impressive 3,030 sq miles. The lake is 176 mi long, has a maximum width of 31 mi, and is over 400’ deep in some areas, making it the largest and deepest lake in both Alberta and Saskatchewan, and the eighth largest in Canada.

Lake Athabasca also has a reputation for having some of the largest freshwater fish on the planet. The largest Lake Trout ever recorded was caught here, and it weighed in at a remarkable 102 pounds!  The Canadian record for Northern Pike was also caught here weighing in at 42 pounds.


A few things that make Lake Athabasca unique


  • 40+ Fish days is the average
  • Lake Athabasca contains 23 species of fish
  • Fly in access only
  • Remote and roadless
  • Fish for lake trout, Northern pike, walleye, yellow perch
  • You can expect to catch pike over 40 inches, and lakers over 20 pounds
  • Fall Fly fishing for lake trout – Nothing like it


Best Outfitter to fish with on Lake Athabasca – Lakers Unlimited

Why fish with Lakers Unlimited?

  • 15 fisherman a week (very private)
  • Fly Fishing for Lake Trout in the Fall
  • Casting to Lake Trout
  • No experience necessary
  • No equipment needed
  • Remote but connected (wi/fi, laptops, charging batteries for phone and cameras, etc.)
  • The fly-in from Fort Murray is included in the price. (People love fly-in’s)
  • Great gear and equipment
  • Service is how they built their reputation

I have had the opportunity to fish for Lake Trout all over Canada including some of the major Lake Trout destination lakes such as Great Bear and Great Slave but nothing prepared me for the incredible Fall Fly Fishing for Lake Trout at Lakers Unlimited on Lake Athabasca.  My fishing partner Patrick Walsh, Editor and Chief of Outdoor Canada Magazine and I had what can only be described as an epic week landing somewhere between 500 and 600 lake trout ranging between 8 and 30lbs with our fly rods and setting 5 Line Class World Records in the process.  By the middle of the week we were shaking off 18-20lb trout so we could get our flies in front of the 30-40lb behemoths that were cruising underneath our boat as we drifted across the reefs.  I can say with confidence you will have the opportunity to catch more big Lake Trout in shallow water on a fly rod than any other destination in North America.  The Fall Fly Fishing is one of the most unique, off the charts, fun fly fishing adventures I have ever experienced.

John Cleveland
Marketing Director – Eppinger Mfg. Co.


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