Saltwater Fishing at La Pescadora is Tough to Beat!

I had the good fortune of fishing at La Pescadora last February with a hosted group that we took down there. I am by no means a saltwater expert, but I have traveled a lot of places and this place is cool! You fly to Cancun which is about as easy as it gets (except maybe going through customs on the wrong day, which was packed)!

The Lodge At La Pescadora Is Something Special

Arriving at the La Pescadora Lodge was amazing. I heard it was remote, but I didn’t realize just how unique of a location it was until I arrived. The shuttle ride was about 4 hours down this beat up dirt road, and it was awesome! It really gives you the sense that you’re going somewhere special. The first people to greet us at 8:00 that evening were the owners, Jose and Lilly. It was just the beginning of the service to come.

We woke the next morning to a fantastic authentic breakfast with fresh juice, and a hot cup of coffee. I also made sure I had another cup of coffee every morning to enjoy on the boat ride out to the flats. Until you’ve been there it’s pretty tough to explain other to say it’s big, blue, and beautiful!

The Guides Work Hard So You Can Fish Hard

Although the fishing was something out of a magazine, what impressed me the most was passion the guides had. Every day they worked so hard to get me and my fishing buddy, Matt, on quality shots at permit. They were every bit as jacked up for me catch a permit as I was to catch one. And you could feel the disappointment when it didn’t happen. It made it so much fun that they cared so much! And a little nerve racking when I didn’t make it happen, which was a lot!

Everyday we caught tons of fish, but our primary objective was catching and landing a permit. My buddy Matt was able to get his done on day 3, and I was lucky enough to make it happen on the last day. Wow, what a feeling! It’s better then I had heard!

The permit fishing at La Pescadora is so good that on last year’s trip our fishing consultant, Kent Goodman, caught a 32 lb permit! It was a battle that took him roughly 1.5 hours to win, and boy was it impressive!

To Summarize: I’m Going Back!

It is was great trip, and one that I will be returning to next year. The owners, the guides, the world class fishing, the authentic meals, and the price are all too good not to go back an experience again.

Whether it’s your first saltwater experience or you’re a seasoned Saltwater angler this is a very tough trip to beat!