Saltwater Adventure w/ La Pescadora Fly Fishing Lodge – Mexico

Brian Oakland – Owner of Got Fishing

Boise, Idaho

Saltwater Fishing at La Pescadora with La Pescadora – February 2nd – 8th, 2018

This trip was everything I was told it would be and more. The Owners are fantastic! The fishing is legendary, and the guides are just as crazy as you are about catching a permit! Very private and hands on. Can’t say enough! If you are looking or considering going on a saltwater experience you would be foolish to not get down and fish with this lodge. It is literally the ideal trip for the beginner to the seasoned angler. And although I’m no saltwater expert the opportunities at permit were numerous. Everyday we had multiple solid chances. My partner and I did end up each hooking and landing ours, but I think Kent caught 4 or 5 that week and one of them was over 30 lbs. No question I’ll be back next year.



Outfitter Rating

  • Overall, my trip was amazing, I couldn’t have asked for more.
  • My outfitter’s communication before, during and after the trip was perfect. Lily does a great job on the details.
  • My guides were amazing. They want you to catch fish every bit as bad as you do…seriously!
  • Physically, the trip was moderate. Can be windy
  • The food was authentic and prepared fresh. Everyone on the trip was impressed with the meals! The breakfasts where always welcomed with a hot cup of coffee, juice, and a protein filled meal. And they don’t skimp on the lunches! Huge sandwiches with chips, fruit, cookies, and my favorite, pickled jalapeños.  Once you got back to the lodge you are basically greeted with an appetizer as you step off the boat. It was cool because everyone sat around, and shared pictures, video and stories from the days adventures. After the first couple days I looked forward to this time with the other anglers. Everyone was pulling for each other and were genuinely excited to hear the stories of near misses and epic battles. A quick shower, and dinner was served. Authentic, delicious, and plentiful!  The cabins were equally impressive. A/C, comfortable beds, reading lamp, ceiling fans, fresh drinking water next to the beds. Again, it was impressive to say the least. Another welcomed aspect is that the cabins are located roughly 50′ from the shoreline so it was nice to listen to the ocean every night as I drifted off.

Do this trip now because there is no doubt this will NOT be a secret for much longer

Consultant Rating

  • My consultant was Kent Goodman. Kent is a fishing consultant for Got Fishing, and has been down fishing with La Pescadora and the owners for 13 years in a row. Kent is the reason that Got Fishing is lucky enough to represent the La Pescadora Fly Fishing Lodge.
  • My consultant’s communication before, during and after the trip was detailed and impressive.
  • Kent knew all the little things that make a trip go smoothly. Shuttles, needed gear, expectations, etc where nailed!