Top 5 reasons to Fish the Western US

Blue Ribbon Fishing

Top 5 reasons to adventure to the Western US



  • Blue ribbon fisheries are everywhere! Whether you are planning to visit CO, ID, MT, or WY you do not have to look far for a blue ribbon trout water. Whether it’s the San Juan or South Platte in CO or the Madison or Bitterroot in MT, the choices are endless. Cast your fly at amazingly beautiful trout in some equally stunning places.
  • The diversity of Fish: Many of the waters located in the west are home to a variety of trout and other species. On any given day you can reel in rainbows, browns, different species of cutthroat and with some luck the predatory bull trout!
  • Easy to get to! Getting to any of the western states is a breeze no matter where you are located. Whether you are driving or flying, cheap options abound to get out west!
  • Landscapes are stunning! All of these blue ribbon fisheries are located in some of the most stunning places on earth. From cascading cliffs and ancient sequoia trees of Yosemite, to the rusty red layers of the Grand Canyon, the west coast looks more like an artist’s masterfully picked-palette than an actual place to set foot on. Sure the New York skyline is nice, but you’ve never seen anything like the wide open spaces in the West!
  • Craft Breweries are everywhere: After a hard days fishing, unwind with a nice cold craft brew and the plethora of breweries located in the West. It doesn’t matter if you are in Colorado or Idaho, Montana or Wyoming, you are never more than a stone’s throw away from a craft brewery. Many of these offer tours and tastings on a daily basis. Along with tasty beer, many of these places offer unique food truck experiences or menus of their own.



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by Brian Oakland Owner/Adventure Consultant

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