What Can Rent This Rod Do For You?

What can Rent This Rod do for you?

Have you ever wanted to rent a Ferrari for a day?  Sure you have, don’t lie.  If you live in locales like Miami, FL or Las Vegas, NV you can do just that – rent a super car for a day, or a week. Now, same question above, but replace “Ferrari” with the fly rod equivalent.

Rent This Rod aims to do just that – offer our customers the option of renting the highest quality fly rods and reels on the market.  What’s more – you don’t have to live in Miami or Vegas to partake in our offerings!

Premium Fly Rod and Reel Rental Nationwide

Rent This Rod specializes in renting premium fresh and saltwater fly rods and reels to customers nation-wide.  We provide rentals in 10-day increments and ship the gear to your door prior to your departure.  Shipping transit times aren’t included in the rental window so you get to enjoy the gear for a solid 10 days before returning it.

The Best Way to Test a New Rod/Reel

Maybe you’re looking to “try before you buy” from one of the brands we carry. It’s hard to argue that putting a rod to the ultimate test, on the water, is a far better option than “shop-casting” or “wiggle-testing” that same rod, especially if you’re considering paying upwards of $900 for such a product.  Or, maybe you’re hesitant to spend a small fortune on a quality setup that you know you’ll only use once per year, if not less.  Regardless of your reasons or needs, Rent This Rod can provide you with the ultimate in fly fishing rods and reels, again – delivered to your door.

Chose From Quality Brands

We proudly carry fly rods from Thomas & Thomas Makers and Clutch Fly Rods, with more brands being added in the future.  Rent This Rod is also pleased to exclusively offer a full arsenal of Ross Reels to pair with the top-tier fly rods that we carry.  Our reels come pre-spooled with Scientific Anglers fly line – appropriate for the fishing environment you intend to fish.  Lines can be swapped or upgraded and reels can be switched from LH (standard) to RH retrieve.

10-day rentals start at $150 per fly rod and $50 per fly reel.  Combos rent for $180.

Rent This Rod would love to outfit you for an upcoming outing or destination fishing trip.  Check us out at www.RentThisRod.com and let us know how we can help!