Why Book A Fishing Trip With Got Fishing?

Got Fishing – World Class Fishing Adventures

Because at Got Fishing we pride ourselves on providing the best advice, the best service, and the best deals. Our business is taking care of you, and we crush it in that department!  We also help make sure that the fishing adventure you’re spending your hard earned dollars on is the best trip possible, and we do it for FREE!

There is a lot of information out there and it can be pretty confusing when it comes down to making the best decision. Unless you, or a good friend has been there, you just don’t know what the experience would be like from just a website, or speaking with the Outfitter. At Got Fishing we work with you in making sense of the information so you can make the best choice for you, or your group. Got Fishing not only helps research, book and plan your fishing trips, but we also help with travel, travel insurance, and all the gear you’ll need for that particular adventure. We truly are your One-Stop-Shop for the most unique and affordable fishing trips in the World. Obviously, we only work with the best Outfitters and Lodges, because it would be crazy not to, but what makes us really stand out is our Fishing Consultants which are not salespeople. Give us a call, you won’t be disappointed!

Things to know about Got Fishing…

Got Fishing is a specialty booking agency for World Class Fishing Adventures.

Got Fishing is the most trusted source of information with access to the world’s best fishing adventures for families, frids, and large groups. With an extraordinary amount of domestic and international fishing experience, there is nothing we cannot assist you with in planning your next trip. Our sole purpose is to help you plan the most authentic fishing adventure, while making sure it fits within your budget, (no matter what that might be)! No judgement here!

What is the benefit of working with Got Fishing?

Got Fishing specializes in working with you to customize a Fishing Adventure based on your desired location, species, budget, and experience. Whether it is a family adventure or a buddy trip we take the guesswork out of planning your next fishing trip. Because we have access to a wide diversity of options we’re confident we have your trip.


Does it cost extra to work with Got Fishing?

The beauty is EVERYTHING we do for you is 100% FREE…that’s right, absolutely FREE! You will never pay a extra dime for the trip you book, and in many cases less than the advertised price! No offense, but we might actually call you crazy if you don’t choose to work with us when planning your next fishing adventure. A little bias? Maybe!


What else does Got Fishing do?

In addition to having the most knowledgeable FISHING CONSULTANTS in the industry, we also have a TRAVEL CONSULTANT, and a GEAR PRO on the team. Their sole purpose is to assist you with anything and everything you will need for the perfect fishing adventure; from flights and travel insurance, to making sure you have all the gear needed for the adventure! With the first class outfitters we represent around the world, we’re confident we have just the trip for you!


Service is NOT something we talk about, it is something we provide

Anyone can make a suggestion on a good spot to go fishing, but that is not what we do! We provide detailed information on trips, best seasons, dates, trip insurance, tips & techniques, and additional activities. We also handle the contracts, payment, arrange shuttles, dietary needs, and make sure you have the exact gear you will need for the adventure. Nobody provides better service then Got Fishing!

Give us a call and let us start helping you plan the fishing trip you’ve been dreaming about! Because at Got Fishing… there is (almost) nothing we won’t do so you don’t have to! See ya out there!


Visit www.gotfishing.com to learn more or call us at 208-630-3373