5 Solid Ways To Guarantee You’ll Go On Your Dream Fishing Adventure

Every angler dreams of someday taking an adventure to fish far away waters like you see on the cover of a magazine or on YouTube. We love to talk about fishing adventures, think about fishing adventures, but sadly, very few of us actually go on a full-blown, all-inclusive fishing adventure to the destination of our dreams (like the ones you see in a magazine)! So, what’s the disconnect between really wanting to go and not actually going? Well, it can be a lot of things, but this blog isn’t about all the things that can prevent you from a fishing adventure; This blog is about how to guarantee that you fulfill your goal of going on your dream fishing adventure, whatever that is for you. 

So, how do you guarantee that you’ll go on that fishing adventure you’ve been dreaming about, or talking incessantly about to your wife, husband or anyone who will listen?

Here are 5 solid tips that will make your trip happen:

1. Set A Date And Commit! 

This is the number one reason why anglers stay and fish their local waters and never venture out. They refuse to set a date and commit! When you set a date it can be as quick as a few months, or as far out as a couple of years. Having a date you have committed to and putting a deposit down will set the ball rolling.


2. Pick A Reasonable Trip To Start With 

I hear a lot of people shoot for the moon when it comes to where they would like to take a fishing trip, but the truth is that if you’re having issues planning a trip to Alaska or Mexico, then Peacock Bass fishing in Brazil might be a bit much for a starter trip…right? Be realistic and plan for something you can execute on! This will build momentum and the confidence to go further and harder on the next one.


3. Pick The Right Fishing Partner (Or Group)

So many people pick a partner that just isn’t able to pull it off, whether it’s a new family, new job, lost a job, etc. You know the person I’m talking about. Picking a partner that has the same dreams, desires, and abilities is a smart way to play this. The same goes with trying to get a group together… It has to be the right group and that is near impossible with as busy as a lot of us are, along with the multitude of excuses that will derail or sidetrack the goal.  The other issue is no one can decide where to go or what the trip budget should be. Groups are hard to make happen so if you are already having an issue getting out on an adventure, I would avoid the herd mentality because it rarely goes anywhere. 

4. Use A Booking Agency To Plan Your Dream Fishing Adventure

There are more than a couple of great booking agencies out there that offer some really awesome adventures! The cool thing about a booking agency for fishing adventures is that everything they do for you is free and you typically pay the same price for the trip as you would if you went directly to the lodge. A good fishing consultant will help you pick out the perfect trip based on the experience you are looking for and your budget. For example, there are many lodges in Alaska that offer very reasonable prices and the fishing is off the hook….no pun intended. But, finding them can be difficult in this day and age where, after googling “Alaska Fishing Trips”, you get 11 million results! Seriously, 11,200,000 to be exact! That’s why working with a booking agency and a quality fishing consultant can make all the difference when planning your dream fishing adventure.


5. Just Do It! 

I know how cheesy that it is, but it’s 100% true! Maybe you don’t have that fishing partner that can make a trip happen or you don’t know a group of anglers that can all decide on a date, destination, budget, and then pull it all off (don’t worry, nobody does). But, you can still do this! Go solo! Most lodges have people staying there already and 99% of the time those people are cool! They are similar to you in that they enjoy spending their hard-earned money on enjoying a fishing adventure in a special place. Booking agencies also do a lot of hosted trips where they take a group of like-minded anglers, but they do all the planning so it makes it easy! So often you will leave with a new group of friends and who knows where that will lead! 

So, there you have it! Fishing adventures are a blast and you deserve to go on your dream trip! We only get one shot at this so go book a trip today!