A Fly Fisherman’s Ultimate Adventure: Christmas Island

Located in the heart of the Central Pacific, between Fiji and Hawaii, lies a hidden gem known as Christmas Island, or Kiritimati. This remote 33-island republic, nestled within Kiribati, offers an angling experience that is second to none, making it an absolute paradise for fly fishermen. If you seek a rustic yet culturally immersive journey, combined with unrivaled flats fly fishing opportunities for species like Trevally and Bonefish, high-class service and accommodations, breathtaking ocean vistas, seclusion, the world’s largest coral atoll, and a truly adventurous escapade, then Christmas Island should be your next destination. In this comprehensive blog post, we’ll go over why embarking on a fly fishing expedition to Christmas Island is an absolute must, for reasons such as: 

  • Exquisite lodging at a fabulous price
  • Unparalleled flats fishing for various species, including Giant Trevally and Bonefish 
  • An immersive cultural experience 
  • Miles upon miles of unspoiled white, sandy beaches in your own oceanic paradise 

Fishing Extravaganza

Christmas Island is renowned for its unparalleled flats fishing, offering a remarkable diversity that caters to every angler’s preferences. Prepare to test your skills against Giant Trevally, Blue Trevally, Golden Trevally, Triggerfish, Milkfish, and various species of Reef Fish. What’s even more remarkable is that you can enjoy year-round fishing due to its close proximity to the equator and minimal seasonal fluctuations. For optimal fishing conditions, keep an eye on the lunar phases and plan your visit around the new or full moon.



Exquisite Lodging

Although you won’t find penthouse suites on this remote island, you can relish in the comfort of your own private beachfront bungalow crafted from coral stone, adorned with traditional thatch roofs. Each bungalow offers modern amenities such as a fridge, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi, along with an en-suite bathroom equipped with hot and cold water—an indulgence amidst the undeveloped beauty of this island republic. Immerse yourself in top-notch customer service, savor exceptional cuisine, unwind in a private swimming lagoon, and revel in the eco-friendly ambiance powered by solar energy.

Immersive Cultural Experience

Prepare to be embraced by the warm hospitality of the Gilbertese-speaking locals, deeply rooted in their friendly, faith-driven, and family-oriented culture. By the end of your trip, you’ll find yourself waving, smiling, and exchanging the heartfelt local greeting of “Mauri” with the guides, families, and newfound friends you encounter. Christmas Island allows you to forge a connection with the rich heritage and traditions of the islanders, creating lasting memories beyond the realm of fishing.

Oceanic Solitude

Escape the bustling world and find solace in the pristine beauty of the ocean surrounding this island sanctuary. Christmas Island boasts miles upon miles of unspoiled white sandy beaches, with select lodges even offering private beachfront access to up to 20 acres of paradise. Bid farewell to crowded beach towns and envision yourself on your personal oasis, enjoying a refreshing beverage as you bask in the serenity of your surroundings.



The World’s Largest Coral Atoll

Prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing spectacle of the world’s largest coral atoll. Kiritimati showcases an expansive land area spanning over 150 square miles, forming a remarkable ring-shaped coral reef and island. This natural wonder not only offers an abundance of fishing opportunities for anglers but also serves as a haven for snorkelers and divers. Immerse yourself in the vibrant underwater world, marvel at the thriving coral forests, and witness the sheer magnificence of these marine ecosystems while they still exist in their full glory.

An Adventure Like No Other

Embarking on a journey to Christmas Island is an adventure in itself. With only one flight option available from Hawaii per week, the thrill begins the moment you leave your doorstep. Upon arrival, an array of exhilarating experiences awaits you, including exploring the renowned Korean shipwreck, encountering diverse bird species, indulging in surfing, embarking on gripping relic tours, discovering the secrets of the island through guided tours, engaging in crab hunting, scoop net fishing, and much more. Every corner of Christmas Island holds the promise of a memorable adventure.



In conclusion, Christmas Island stands as one of the world’s premier destinations for saltwater flats sight fishing, boasting opportunities to catch species like Bonefish and Giant Trevally. However, it is not just the fishing that sets this destination apart—it offers an immersive adventure in a small yet captivating island within the Kiribati Republic. Expect an authentic cultural experience, exceptional fishing, comfortable and sustainable accommodations, a warm and welcoming community, an untouched and secluded oceanic paradise, the grandeur of the world’s largest coral atoll, and an adventure that will stay etched in your memory. After years of closure, Christmas Island is now open and ready to welcome travelers.

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