Going with the Flow: Using a Company Fishing Trip to Cultivate Workplace Adaptability

Workplace adaptability is an essential soft skill for any modern employee to possess. The ability to adapt to new situations, think on one’s feet, and the ability to change behaviors and solve problems creatively is essential for thriving in today’s fast-paced work environment. With an astonishing 63% of CEOs stating they’re unable to find and recruit talent that possess the ability to adapt to the requirements of the business, this may be something that companies need to look inward to solve (Horton International). One way to promote and bring out adaptability in the workplace is through a company fishing trip. In this blog post, we’ll explore the ways a company fishing trip can put your employees in a situation that fosters teamwork, problem-solving skills, and flexibility in employees, and why it’s a great way to break the routine and boost workplace productivity.


Benefits of a Company Fishing Trip in Promoting Adaptability in the Workplace

Employers may see adaptability as an important skill, yet only 8% of businesses offer some sort of training in this skill (Horton International). Introducing a company fishing trip can allow employees to improve the soft skill of adaptability; Through new environments that allow one to think on their feet, adapting their behavior to the situation at hand, reading the environment in order to determine how to proceed, demonstrating a balance of curiosity and control, and many more traits can be realized through a company fishing trip. Read on to learn how fishing can promote adaptability through teamwork, problem-solving skills, and flexibility.






Fishing is a social activity that requires coordination and cooperation among team members. It can help foster a spirit of teamwork and encourage employees to work together to achieve a common goal. By working together to catch fish, employees learn to rely on each other, build trust, and improve communication skills. These skills can carry over to the workplace, where employees are more likely to collaborate and work together effectively. Fishing requires employees to learn adaptability to their environment and adjust their techniques accordingly, including the way they learn to work together. 


Problem-solving skills

Fishing requires a range of problem-solving skills, such as finding the best location to fish, selecting the right bait, and adjusting techniques to catch different types of fish. These skills can translate to the workplace, where employees must solve problems on a daily basis. Employees can learn to think creatively and adapt to changing situations while on the fishing trip, helping them to develop their problem-solving skills.



Fishing can be unpredictable and conditions can change quickly. Employees must be flexible and adapt to changing circumstances to catch fish successfully. This adaptability can help employees be more open to change in the workplace and adapt to new situations and challenges. A company fishing trip can also provide a break from the daily routine of work, helping employees gain perspective and return to work with renewed energy and motivation.



A company fishing trip can be an excellent way to promote adaptability in the workplace. Through teamwork, problem-solving, and flexibility, employees can learn to adapt to new situations and challenges, which can help them thrive in the fast-paced world of work. Research suggests that 44% of employees don’t recognize adaptability as a skill they possess. By providing a break from routine, a company fishing trip can help employees gain perspective and return to work with renewed energy, motivation, and the confidence that their employer values their current skillsets and invests in them to improve their soft skills.


If you’re looking for a unique and effective way to promote adaptability in your workplace, consider a company fishing trip. Got Fishing specializes in helping businesses inspire, reward, and celebrate their employees and valued clients; Contact us to plan your company fishing trip today and see the positive impact it can have on your team!