Hooked on Improvement: The Performance-Based Culture of Fishing

Fishing is a popular pastime enjoyed by people all over the world. While it may seem like a leisurely activity, fishing can actually create a performance-based culture, when introduced to the workplace. Fishermen and women are often driven by competition, record-keeping, skill-building, goal-setting, and teamwork, which cross over well with business. In this blog post, we will explore how fishing can foster a culture of performance and how you can easily transfer these fishing tactics to the workplace with a day trip or company offsite event. Read on to learn more about how incorporating fishing can help improve performance within your business through: 

  • Competition
  • Record-keeping
  • Skill-building
  • Goal-setting
  • Teamwork




Fishing competitions and tournaments are common, and anglers are often driven to catch the most or the biggest fish. This competitive environment creates a culture of performance, as anglers work hard to improve their skills and techniques in order to win. You can organize a day event or week-long offsite excursion and create some friendly competition amongst colleagues. 


Fishermen keep track of their catches and personal bests. This creates a culture of constantly improving and setting new records, which is a performance-based mentality. Anglers may even create their own personal fishing journals to track their progress and set new goals. If your company could use some advancement in the record-keeping department, you can incorporate this topic into one of your goals for the event, in a fun way! 


Fishing requires a certain level of skill, and fishermen work to improve their skills through practice and learning from others. This creates a culture of constant learning and improvement, which is a performance-based approach. Anglers may attend fishing clinics, read fishing books, and watch instructional videos to improve their techniques, just as you would invest in employees with specialized training, courses, conferences, and seminars. You can mesh the two, by hiring a coach or speaker for your offsite event (ask us how). 




Fishermen often set goals for themselves, such as catching a certain type of fish or catching a certain number of fish in a day. This creates a culture of setting and achieving goals, which is a performance-based mentality. Setting and achieving goals can be a great motivator and can help fishermen stay focused and dedicated to their craft, just as creating goals for your company and each employee having their own workplace goals can help increase productivity and decrease employee turnover. 


In some types of fishing, such as deep-sea fishing, teamwork is essential to success. Crew members must work together to catch and bring in large fish. This creates a culture of collaboration and cooperation, which is a performance-based approach. Anglers who work well with others can often achieve greater success than those who go it alone. Incorporating fishing in your employee benefits program (instead of going to someplace like Vegas), can give employees a hands-on, light, fun way to work together and solve problems while strengthening bonds, workplace morale, and camaraderie. 


Fishing may seem like a leisurely activity, but it can actually foster a culture of performance. Competition, record-keeping, skill-building, goal-setting, and teamwork are all factors that can contribute to this culture. By incorporating fishing into your company retreat program, you can help employees striving to improve their skills and techniques to set and achieve goals and work together with others, in a fun event away from the office.

If you are interested in introducing fishing to your workplace and learning more about how it can benefit your company, book your next offsite event with Got Fishing! We help businesses like yours inspire, celebrate, and reward valued employees and clients, while taking care of all the details. Visit our Company Retreats page and contact us today to improve your culture and workplace performance!