If a payment plan can help you to experience your next fishing adventure – we’re here for it!

We are excited to announce this industry-first: Zero-Interest Payment Plans for fishing adventures! This initiative was created for our customers that are ready to adventure, and that need a little more time and financial planning to make their dream trip come to fruition.

How does this program work?

One of the best aspects of this program is its simplicity:

  1. Choose your adventure. Once you’ve decided on the adventure you’ll be going on, complete a form or contact your representative.
  2. Determine your date. Part of calculating your payments will be determining how soon or far out that you’d like to plan your trip. For these payment plans, you can opt to plan a trip as few as 6 months out or as far out as 3 years away.
  3. Confirm your trip and payments. After all of your trip details have been confirmed, your representative will calculate your monthly payments and share “the plan” with you. If it all looks good, confirm that with your rep.
  4. Easy Payments. We keep your payment information safe and secure, and use auto-billing to regulate your payments each month.
  5. You’re ready for adventure! We created these plans to work in a way that your trip is paid in full 60 days prior to your departure, so you’ll be ready! Because your payments will be finished a couple months ahead, you can focus on any smaller, remaining purchases that you may need for airfare or gear.

What is the cancellation and/or refund policy?

Because we want these plans to be as flexible as possible, we do have some stipulations that are beneficial and fair for clients, the outfitters, and our team. To opt for a payment plan, we do require clients to get trip insurance. Why? This is the only viable option to provide a full cash refund in the event that you absolutely can’t make a trip. (Please note that we will work with you and exhaust every effort to get you on a trip – because we want you to experience it!)