The Mayfly Project: Nurturing Future Anglers

A Mayfly Project mentor teaches a girl about fly fishing.

A new year typically brings reflection about the previous year, and perhaps some thoughts about how the new year will be better and different. Many people consider resolutions to improve their life, or goals to stay healthy and to build wealth. Well, we’ve put some thought into improving how we operate and the positive impacts that our team can make. We believe that our success is directly proportionate to our service to others. Therefore, our goal is to contribute as much as possible to The Mayfly Project in 2023 (and beyond!).

The Mayfly Project (Logo)

What is The Mayfly Project?

The Mayfly Project is an amazing (501(c)(3)) organization that provides foster children with fly fishing education, experience, and gear through their nationwide projects. Kids that may not otherwise experience the outdoors are given all of the tools and resources that they need to enjoy fly fishing!

This organization was founded in 2015 in Arkansas by Jess and Laura Westbrook, and was expanded to a nation-wide organization in 2016 when Jess and Laura partnered with Kaitlin Barnhart in Idaho.

It all started because Jess was familiar with the therapeutic properties of fly fishing from his own experience working through with anxiety. He began working with foster children through his local church, as he was looking for an opportunity to give back. “It broke my heart learning more about what foster children go through and that they needed the community to support them during their difficult journey,” Jess said.

Once Jess and Laura started creating these projects for local foster kids, they decided to found The Mayfly Project. They commissioned Andrea Larko, a phenomenal fly fishing artist, to create the logo so that it would be a beautiful symbol.

Kaitlin saw the Mayfly Project logo on Andrea’s page, and inquired about it — because she felt drawn to it. As soon as Kaitlin learned about The Mayfly Project, she immediately reached out to Jess & Laura. As fate would have it, Kaitlin had been doing the same type of work in Idaho!

A Mayfly Project mentor holds up a good sized rainbow trout.

How Does The Mayfly Project Work?

Each “project” consists of five sessions, named after the five lifecycle stages of a mayfly. These sessions gradually teach the children everything about fly fishing like fly rod assembly, knot-tying, conservation, casting, and more! By the end of each project, the kids receive all the gear they need to continue the hobby on their own. There are now over 60 projects in 34 states!

In addition to being educational, these projects promote fun, safe spaces that help to promote positive self-esteem that these foster children need.

How To Contribute?

Because of the amazing work that The Mayfly Project is doing, we are highly motivated to sponsor three kids this year. It costs $780 per child to equip them with all materials and gear needed for a successful introduction to fly fishing; therefore, our goal is to raise $2,340 by May 1, 2023.

There are two ways to help us reach this goal:

1) Consider booking an adventure through us. For each trip booked trough May 1, 2023, we’ll donate $150 to The Mayfly Project.

2) Donate directly to The Mayfly Project here.

If this cause resonates with you like it does for us, please consider donating today!