Top 5 Reasons to Fish Kamchatka, Russia!

Adventure Fishing at it’s finest!

Top 5 Reasons to Fish Kamchatka, Russia!

  1. Best Trout Fishing on the Planet! Kamchatka has the best trout fishing you will find anywhere in the world! If you are into watching your mouse pattern get destroyed almost every cast by a sadistic predatory Rainbow than Kamchatka is waiting for you!
  2. Experience the definition of Remote! Kamchatka is like Alaska 200 years ago! This 900 mile peninsula has been virtually untouched by man as there are no roads coming or going! The only access to the Kamchatka peninsula is by flying there which can be very expensive! Rumor has it the high price of travel to Kamchatka is in part a deteret by the country to keep visits from, well, visiting! Once you make it to Kamchatka the preferred form of transportation is the Mi-8 helicopter!
  3. Abundance of Wildlife! Kamchatka is famous for its pristine and thriving ecosystem! Some of the largest grizzly bears in the world roam Kamchatka’s interior, while tens of millions of salmon invade its undammed streams and rivers each summer, as they have for thousands of years. There are roughly a 1000 different species of plants on the peninsula.
  4. Volcanoes and Geysers! There are 160 volcanoes on Kamchatka and 29 of them are still active. The highest volcano, Klyuchevskaya Sopka, tops out at 15,584, and is the largest active volcano in the Northern Hemisphere. Alos, among the active volcanoes, there is the world-famous Geyser Valley: the second-most densely concentrated geyser field in the world. Because of its location, the valley can only be accessed by helicopter.
  5. Get to know the Indigenous People! Kamchatka is a very harsh place to live in year round, yet people have lived here for centuries. When you visit, you can see and experience first hand how the indigenous people of Kamchatka have been living for generations in the village of Pimchakh: an inhabited village that is open to visitors.

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by Brian Oakland