6 Of The Best Company Retreat Locations

A group celebrates their trip!

Choosing the location of your next team event is just as important as what you’ll do. When it comes to your marketing and content strategy, you’ll want a backdrop that matches the culture of your company and reflects your brand. Workplace incentives are also a big factor in where you will choose to go, considering the research that shows that employees will take a reduction in their salary if they’re offered more experiences. Many companies choose the very predictable, big-city retreat locations when that rarely ends up bringing people closer together (or if it does, there’s usually alcohol and other things involved that may not be conducive to your company’s overall goal).

Every retreat location on this list offers its own unique perks that are relative to the biome in which they’re in, and they’re all rural and unique. Some are more difficult to get to if your employees don’t have passports or have a past that prevents them from entering certain countries, but there’s something on this list for everyone.

#1 Idaho

Idaho is home to the deepest river gorge in North America, features over 2,000 lakes throughout the entire state, over 130 hot springs, and is a popular destination for world-class white water rafting, off-roading, fishing, hunting, and recreation (in general). This recreation hub is a great place to take your team, features 2 major airports in close proximity (Boise and Spokane, WA), numerous small mountain resort towns, and many destinations and sites to hold your next event. 

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A fly fisherman casts into the Middle Fork of the Salmon River from atop a raft while on a team retreat.
A fly fisherman casts into the Middle Fork of the Salmon River from atop a raft.

#2 Montana

Montana is the epitome of peace in the West; The state is so widespread that there are only 7 people per square mile. From high plateaus to prairie lands, wildlife in every direction, and some of the nation’s most scenic national parks, this is THE place to bring your company, if you’re looking for a rural team-building location. You can have areas all to yourself to truly enjoy the land (great for the adventurous and unconventional companies out there) and give your team their own little slice of solitude as well.

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Two anglers and their guide hold up prized catches.
These anglers, like many, show their success from fishing on one of the many rivers that flow through central Montana.

#3 Alaska

The 49th state in the US seems so out of reach for most people, and it’s on 100% of Got Fishing’s clients’ bucket lists for good reason: 3,000 rivers, 3 million lakes, over 100,000 glaciers, and over 70 volcanoes means this state is something you pay to see. With world-class fishing and world-class views, you can bet this location will inspire awe, creativity, and take everyone’s breath away. 

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Two anglers hold up rainbow trout.
Two anglers hold up rainbow trout while fishing on the Naknek River in Alaska.

#4 Mexico

Our neighboring country has some incredible locations that are great for team getaways, aside from the all too-famous Cabo. Enjoy a smaller, more local setting, where time moves a little slower, and help your team become a little more worldly/cultural at your next retreat. Break stigma, prejudice, and who knows, I bet there’s some go-getters that will learn a little Spanish before the departure date too (which is always helpful for your client-facing/support roles and your diversity/inclusion policies). 

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Fisherman show off two permit each, four total, whilst fishing the Ascension Bay in Mexico.
Catching a single permit is challenging enough, but this lucky duo shows their success from the warm waters of the Ascension Bay.

#5 British Columbia

Our other neighboring country, British Columbia, lies in the tundra, desert, and forest biomes, meaning there’s a variety of scenes you can bring to your team. With over 1.7 million miles of coast, Canada is one of the top 25 fish-producing countries in the world; luckily the size of the fish make this enticing for everyone. If you are looking for a team retreat AND a bonus for each employee, this is the place to bring your team. Most lodges will ship back between 30-50 lb. of fish for every person, allowing you to help feed your team’s families, build morale, and offer a pretty memorable incentive.

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Two men hold up a sizable King Salmon while fishing in British Columbia.
Fish the waters of British Columbia to enjoy big fish and stunning views!

#6 Argentina 

When most people think of Argentina, they think of Patagonia and soccer. Although the sports are impressive and Patagonia is something to witness at least once, so is the southend of the country, where the prehistoric-looking, gigantic, rainbow-trout lie: Jurassic Lake. Lodges here are full of 5-star service, notable chefs, conference rooms, a rural location, and truly bucket-list fishing. This is a location for companies that are adventurers, hard-working, and want to play hard too. 

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Two ladies show off their catches from a river in Argentina.
Argentina is a top destination for outdoorsmen – there is no shortage of giant fish!


Consider choosing a more rural location, such as Idaho, Montana, Alaska, Mexico, British Columbia, or Argentina for your next retreat. Each location listed here is within reach; Our team at Got Fishing can help you to book your next company retreat or event. Take advantage of our free services and let us help you plan your ultimate team-building destination. To get started, take a look at our trips in greater detail, fill out a contact form, or give us a call today.