The Ultimate Guide To Your Next Company Retreat In Montana

Humans are wired for socialization and to be productive, we must work together. To work together well, we need to be able to have camaraderie, humor, and humility – we need to be a true team. You spend ⅓ of your life with people you may not have otherwise become so entwined with. Overemphasized phrases such as team building, culture, and burnout, are overemphasized for a reason: we need to treat our workplace like our community. That is why company retreats are so important. They provide a shared space to collaborate, team build, and simply to treat each other more like human beings by developing out-of-office relationships. The place you choose to do that really matters if you’re gathering multiple colleagues and if it’s not the right place, then you will put a lot of people into an awkward situation where it feels like forced fun, rather than a genuinely, authentic good time. So, where is the best place for your next company retreat? Well, that depends on your company’s values. If you value the outdoors, organic conversations, adventure, options for everyone, good food, good times, and space to also make work happen, then we at Got Fishing recommend Montana. If you’re remote, in the office, in the field, blue or white collar, or just don’t have the time to plan for an event, this post will guide you. Read on for your ultimate guide as to why company retreats are important, why Montana is the perfect place for your next offsite event, and how you can start planning the best company retreat now. 

Working on culture, values, morale, and communication among colleagues is a constant task of business building (and one you’ll probably never finish). Though you don’t need to be hands-on about all the conversations employees have, you do need to help them strengthen their bonds and keep respect for each other if you want productivity, retention, overall workplace satisfaction, and camaraderie to be the norm within your business. Spending time, money, and energy on this topic and doing it the right way will give you a direct return on your investment. 



So, What Are Company Retreats And Why Are They Important?

Company retreats are a way to address various business goals; Retreats can help you bring remote teams together, build a strong work culture, get the “bigger picture” things done, retain employees, connect more personally, and improve communication, among many other positive benefits. They are onsite (at your place of business) or offsite (away from the business) events that can last a day to a week or more. They are ways to bring different organizations together within the business, brainstorm, innovate, get creative, celebrate milestones, and incentivize workplace benefits.

Millennials and Gen Z are becoming the major generations of the workforce and not only do they love to travel, but they also expect progressive companies that offer great benefits packages and favor working with a purpose. That is, they’re looking for purposeful and meaningful jobs they can stand behind, with a culture they feel is a reflection of themselves. Company retreats help your team feel they are a part of something bigger than a paycheck. 

Company retreats help improve workplace relationships; If you take your culture, values, and employees seriously, you’ll want to think outside the box regarding offsite planning. The idea is to provide a space and agenda where colleagues can relax, bond, and problem-solve together. 

It’s very common when there are hierarchies to have an “us vs. them” culture. It’s office workers vs. labor workers or senior leaders vs. entry-level to mid-level staff and onsite events don’t necessarily do anything beneficial to break up the cliques. Offsite company retreats can help to create situations where employees feel relaxed, rebuilding and reframing the “us vs. them” mentality, and allowing you to see the strengths of the entire organization. 

Company retreats also help remote and hybrid teams meet in person, giving your company a space to team build and collaborate. With an estimated 36.2 million Americans expected to be remote working by 2025 (Zippia), helping reduce feelings of social and employee isolation with regular meetings and in-person events will allow you to keep productivity strong, quarter after quarter. 

If you’re in the blue-collar industry, you can benefit from company retreats by celebrating your dedicated employees that work long, strenuous hours and experience stressful workplace environments. Help diminish the high turnover rate your industry is known for by incentivizing staff during off-seasons and rewarding them for their performance. 

Because of how community-oriented we are as people, but how much we differ in our opinions and viewpoints, have different cultural backgrounds, values, and ethics, we need to gather together, as human beings, and enjoy spending time together on a personal level. Getting away from the office is a way to combine work with play. 

One last issue why company retreats are so important is because of Covid-19 and the “Great Resignation”. Employees were forced to think long and hard about their priorities, the nature of their work, and the importance of community. The workplace has been redefined for good and companies need to place importance on employee satisfaction and workplace incentives if they want to keep good talent. 



How Often Should You Take Company Retreats?

In short, at least annually, but more if you’re a 100% remote company. After a large piece of work has been completed, a major milestone has been achieved, or in advance of a major deadline (providing the team something to work towards completing and look forward to) are all great times to meet offsite. If your industry is notorious for a specific slow season, working hard all year and celebrating when the slow season kicks off is a great way to cap off a hard couple of months (or quarters). 

Where Should You Book The Company Retreat?

If company retreats are so important and the location you host it is equally as important, then where is the best place to book? Got Fishing places heavy emphasis on experiences and with good reason: studies show that employees will take a reduction in salary if they’re offered more experiences (link to source). While we have quite a few company retreat locations that we offer, the Yellowstone River Basin trip in Montana is one of the top trips we recommend to large groups and businesses. 




Why You Should Book Your Next Offsite In Montana

Montana is America: It’s freedom, outdoors, wild, friendly, beautiful, and offers plentiful opportunities. Our offering of the Yellowstone River Basin package provides you with the chance to have an all-in-one offsite event that hits all your company goals and needs. 

The Yellowstone River Basin excursion offers a wide variety of activities for everyone, with a large lodge and multiple accommodation options to choose from; Put executives up in the Red Lodge with their own private ensuite bathrooms, in a grand cathedral building, spoil managers and mid-level employees with their own glamping safari-style tent cabins, along the river, and gather technicians, labor workers, or newer employees at the High Country Cabin, giving them solitude and their own rooms, shared bath, with close enough proximity to be included in all the team activities. If that’s too much hierarchy already, then mix, match, and randomize who stays where to encourage new connections and bonds across organizations from day 1. 

“The Ranch” features a 5,000 square foot log building (made out of old growth, white spruce logs), a grand ceiling in the Great Room, a large guest/game/tv room, 2 large river rock fireplaces, with numerous decks and outdoor patios to enjoy the beautiful mountain range backdrops; This is the perfect base camp! No matter where you stay, each lodging option features luxury accommodations, guaranteeing a breathtaking place to wake up to and comfortable sleeping arrangements. 

The “Ranch” was built originally for large wedding venues, making it a great choice for hosting large groups and company retreats. There’s room for large gatherings, conferences, public speakers or business coaches to speak, or areas for presentations. 

Montana is also a great location for marketing opportunities; take the famous drone videos of everyone waving somewhere cool (not a parking lot outside your building). Take advantage of the plentiful opportunities for video and photos of employees enjoying the culture you’ve created while they fish, hike, offroad, gather, horseback ride, participate in group casting lessons, enjoy nature hikes, have lunch on the river, hangout at the barn (rec room), as well as all the business meetings, presentations, work strategy sessions, and more.



This is an all-inclusive package – all meals, beverages, lodging, and excursions are included. 

Provide inclusiveness by providing a location that truly fits everyone’s needs and give them opportunities to join the group or exclude themselves when they want/need to. With a large list of activities and a completely customizable itinerary, this is the best bang for your buck when it comes to offsite events and company retreats. 

The Yellowstone River Basin will check off every goal you have for your company retreat and is the one-stop shop for your next offsite event. Montana has stunning scenery, towering mountains, canyons, fertile vegetation, lots of wildlife, and rich meadows. There’s a lot of outdoor activities to enjoy, and even though we sell fishing trips, many options have been introduced for the non-anglers as well. Located just 1 mile from Yellowstone National Park, this is a place to revive employee’s spirits. Experience Big Sky Country as a team, in the beautiful Absoraka Beartooth Wilderness mountain range, the highest mountains in the state, catching various fish species, learning new skills together, while appreciating the nature and solitude. You might even see local wildlife like wild Bison, Elk, Deer, and more.  

We recommend Montana, in short, because you’ll make memories, refresh everyone’s mental health, collaborate in one of the most scenic and wild places in America, and bring your team to a place they will TRULY enjoy. This is the trip of a lifetime, especially to exprience as a together. If this doesn’t improve camaraderie and productivity, honestly, we don’t know if anything will! 

What Will You Do At Your Company Retreat?

To start, you’ll fly into Billings, Montana, where a shuttle driver will pick you and your group up. From there, the team will enjoy a scenic hour-long drive to “The Ranch” a family-owned, multi-generational lodge, hosting large and small groups since the 1940s with a rich history. 

Choose to stay in luxurious glamping cabins, a private room with ensuite bath at the main lodge, or a room with shared bath at the High Country Cabin. Enjoy breakfast each morning, hearty riverside lunches, and hosted gourmet 4-course dinners (and open bar/paired wines) with your team. Conversate with an exciting staff, filled with world travelers, tv show hosts, nonprofit volunteers, and expert guides and instructors. Gather everyone together for fly casting lessons upon arrival and travel the property in your company’s private golf cart. Explore a plethora of rivers and private waters to fish throughout the week with private guides, explore Yellowstone National Park, and make lifelong memories that are sure to outshine the typical retreat agendas of trust falls and ropes courses. Let employees take their picks of horseback riding, the day spa, rec room, bar (with pool tables horseshoes, foosball, and more), sightseeing the Beartooth wilderness (the most beautiful drive in the lower 48 states), UTV/ATV riding tours, whitewater rafting, shooting sports, golfing, mountain biking, canoeing, hiking, and more. There are firepits available and options for live music or a DJ, if you’re really looking for a good time in the evenings.

You’ll work with us to create full days of action-packed excursions, customized to your company’s retreat goals. Aside from all the fun adventures you’ll have, you’ll also have time carved out for business. Wi-fi is available, there are large meeting areas for conferences and presentations. If you’re looking to add-on speakers, business coaches, or trainers, we can assist you in the planning, preparation, and logistics.



The Fishing

Since we are in the business of experiences, we do need to highlight the fishing on this one! Fishing helps teams collaborate, provides opportunities for destressing, and helps reduce burnout by providing a calm, tranquil environment mixed with a spiritual experience (although not everyone will be in tune with their spiritual side – they might get a little impatient or frustrated, but it will be a learning lesson). Fish with your team in America’s first national park and premier, world-class trout fisheries for Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Book Trout, Cutthroat, and Montana Whitefish. This is an unforgettable and top-notch experience the whole org will love. 

How To Plan A Company Retreat

We recommend you hire professionals to help you with your offsite event planning. Everything in this excursion is included, even the fishing gear (rods, reels, boots, waders, flies, and end tackle). You and your team don’t need to worry about anything, besides your travel to Billings and your own clothes and electronics. Upon booking, you’ll have a more specific clothing list with an explanation of the different seasons and weather patterns.

To Sum Up…

Company retreats require time, money, and a clear goal of what you want the group to take away. There is a lot of value you can obtain from investing in an offsite event, especially if your goals are to improve team morale, retain employees, improve culture, increase camaraderie, or bring your remote business together. With newer generations dominating the workforce, remote work on the rise, and the “Great Resignation” upon us, businesses must reshape their workplace incentives and become more progressive companies that provide value, culture, and purpose their employees can stand behind. 

There are many options to choose from when it comes to company retreats, and the location you choose is extremely important. Finding an offsite location that resonates with your group and culture is where you will get the most return on your investment; you must match the destination to the culture. If you value the outdoors, organic conversations, adventure, options for everyone, good food, good times, and space to also make work happen, then we at Got Fishing recommend our Yellowstone River Basin excursion in Montana. Staying at “The Ranch” will provide you with a truly customizable experience for everyone, with a long list of adventures to choose from daily, guides, beverages, gourmet food, plenty of lodging options and meeting spaces, world-class fishing, and scenic areas to gather your team for video and photo ops. 

Our team is composed of experts in adventure, experiences, business, customer service, organization, and so much more! Let us take the burden off you and speak with an adventure consultant about how we can help you plan your next company retreat today.